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  1. I'm not supporting the song by buying it. It sucks but I know that Team B has been putting all this shit out to make money off of her while they still can. And since she's refusing to work. It's so desperate and transparent. I don't know why fans are buying these Britney vinyls. They all sell out.
  2. I don't even bother listening to her albums because I hear the singles and know the boring ass R&B shiz to expect Ain't nobody got time 4 dah
  3. It's basic like 75% of Ariana's songs
  4. Scooter and Justin Bieber need to be beat up
  5. I love Britney but she's completely lost it in the dancing department. She's too in her head when she dances. She can't just let go and feel the music. Her timing is off and it's a serious problem. She needs to learn how to be fluid again.
  6. I love Katy Perry! She seems so quirky and cute! But I have to admit, she is probably the one pop star where I feel like she offers nothing special. I don't think she would have become the star that she became without her producers. It's the catchy, fun, pop-radio friendly songs that made her. And they could have been released by anyone else and they still would have seen the same amount of success because she brings nothing special to the table. The problem with pop stars like Katy Perry is that they never make any real impact on pop culture. They never have a Gaga Paparazzi VMA moment or a
  7. If this is one of the best female rappers to debut in recent years then the standard is very low These lyrics are weak asf