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  1. It's really cringey. I deleted the app last summer because i couldn't handle all of the stupidity. T.hey also make the worst songs trend...
  2. This is a great album, i never skip a single track. Rock Gaga is the best imo.
  3. Album pre-order today! It's a pic of her with tears looking like a hollywood star. Got the info from ATRL
  4. oh besties. Say So went from 5-6 and was about to fall out of the top 10. It was peaking on radio, and it's pure sales+streaming peaked weeks before. Obviously the solo version is bigger, but the remix gave it a new peak. It would've peaked at #5 if it wasn't for the remix.
  5. it'll most likely be 1989. I wish it was the debut instead. Im excited for it either way!!!
  6. Come through Tyler 😍😍😍😍 1989 TV might come out in June or the beginning July
  7. This is amazing for a re-recording. I can't stop listening to white horse and you're not sorry, they sound sooo good. I'm excited for the debut album!!!!!
  8. So ROM and SL were WW singles 911 was a single in Italy Now Free Women is a single in France Let's see if she releases a mv
  9. I bought the album from Tidal, but the film didn't even download 💀💀 Can't wait to finally see it
  10. willow vs. Mine (my childhood song) champagne problems vs. Sparks Fly gold rush vs. Back to December 'tis the damn season vs. Speak Now tolerate it vs. Dear John no body, no crime vs. Mean happiness vs. The Story of Us dorthea vs. Never Grow Up coney island vs. Enchanted ivy vs. Better than Revenge cowboy like me vs. Innocent long story short vs. Haunted marjorie vs. Last Kiss closure vs. Long Live evermore vs. Ours right where you left me vs. If This Was a Movie it's time to go vs. Superman Speak now a