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  1. Idk what happened to her. This whole hate train thing was super weird and random.
  2. I've been on multiple forums where people claim Taylor is local. Is that the actual truth? For instance, she's the biggest pop girl in Australia sans Adele. She sold approximately 2.1m albums, which is nearly double her peers (gaga, rihanna, katy, kesha, etc). She's the third best selling artist in Asia, that debuted in the 00s. Only behind Avril Lavigne and Lady Gaga. Lastly, She's been bigger than most of her peers in Europe since 2012. Only Adele has surpassed her.
  3. Lana. I used to be obsessed with her aesthetic and music. I still listen to her, but i'm not a stan anymore.
  4. This is giving me "What would you do if when you okay so he said yes would go?" vibes 💀
  5. Well What's my name wasn't really a global song. It only reached the top 10 in a few countries. Work did well because of Hotline Bling hype and that's not even a r&b song, it's a dancehall pop song. Needed me was electro-r&b and LOTB was doo-wop inspired song. Those 2 didn't do well outside the U.S.
  6. She was born and raised in Barbados with reggae music not R&B. Her first album was reggae not r&b. Pon De Replay is a reggae/pop song. Her second album is also reggae pop. SOS and Unfaithful are straight up pop songs sis. ANTI is her only "urban" album, and we all know how local that was. Genre always has to do with a song or album being local. Pop music is the most global. R&B and Hip Hop tend to be local.
  7. umm Rihanna is pop bb 💀 being black doesn't make you r&b or hip-hop.... OT- I'd say semi-global. She was huge in the U.S and Asia, but slacked in most places. But her U.S sales were huuuuge. It's similar to Taylor. She can be considered "local", but her U.S sales are bigger then most girls WW sales.
  8. oh god, not again.... The NFR shoot was amazing. COCC and BB are so bland and uninspiring.
  9. UGHHHH my queen is finally coming 😍😍 She better show these irrelevant bitches who she is 🔥 The mf queen of rap
  10. It's really cringey. I deleted the app last summer because i couldn't handle all of the stupidity. T.hey also make the worst songs trend...
  11. This is a great album, i never skip a single track. Rock Gaga is the best imo.
  12. Album pre-order today! It's a pic of her with tears looking like a hollywood star. Got the info from ATRL