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  1. Her natural hair black, right? She dyed it afterwards.
  2. Ohhh that makes sense now. I thought she had black hair nnn.
  3. She should've went with black hair instead. Brunette still looks good.
  4. I agree! Folklore is much stronger and catchier. Evermore isn't as impressive tbh. It should've been a side b or an ep.
  5. The Man the 1 New Romantics Getaway Car Ours Should've Said No Fearless The Last Time coney island
  6. She has.... many times bestie TEOG, Sheisse, and Speechless are. way better. Y&I is cute (sometimes)
  7. Enchanted Wildest Dreams Cornelia Street Should’ve Said No Getaway Car This Is Me Buying Coney Island Stay Stay Stay You're Not Sorry
  8. Folklore, 1989, Chromatica, TFM, BTW, 21, 25 and RED
  9. Cardi and Nicki. I was not expecting that chile....
  10. A dance single is what DJs play. So it's a promotional single, not an official one. It's not like the track took off by itself ala Starstruck, All Too Well, etc.
  11. Desperado was a dance single. It reached #1 on the dance club chart.