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  1. I agree. Cry about it later is a bawp. Witness also has some godly tracks 🔥🔥
  2. It's a masterpiece. Ultraviolence is #2 and BTD is #3
  3. Imagine comparing the global Katy Perry to that local flop
  4. Hmm idk about these rumors tbh. I guess we'll wait and see.
  5. I mean all of our faves have their moments, no one is innocent lmao. She seems like a really nice woman, it's mostly her deranged fans that make her look bad.
  6. 1. Brooklyn Nights 2. Nothing On (But The Radio) 3. Princess Die 4. Glitter & Grease 5. PARTYNAUSEOUS
  7. 1. Bloody Mary (The Horrors Remix) 2. Marry The Night (Zedd Remix) 3. The Edge of Glory (Sultan & Ned Shepard Remix) 4. Born This Way (DJ White Shadow Remix) 5. Americano (Gregori Klosman Remix)
  8. 1.Bad Romance (Starsmith Remix) 2. Just Dance (Richard Vission Remix) 3.Stupid Love (Ellis Remix) 4. Applause (Goldhouse Remix) 5. Born This Way (Zedd Remix)
  9. 911 (Sofi Tukker Remix) Enigma (Doss Remix) Rain On Me (Ralphi Rosario Remix) Free Woman (Honey Dijon Realness Remix) Stupid Love (Vitaclub Warehouse Mix)
  10. Can they just delete his account ew. Idk how people can genuinely like his deranged ass. What a weirdo....
  11. 1. Babylon (Bree Runway and Jimmy Edgar Remix) 2.Sour Candy (Shygirl and Mura Masa Remix) 3. Rain On Me (Arca Remix) 4. 1000 Doves (Planningtorock Remix) 5. Stupid Love (Coucou Chloe Remix)
  12. 1.Plastic Doll (Ashnikko Remix) 2. Scheiße (DJ White Shadow Mugler) 3.Fun Tonight (Pablo Vittar Remix) 4. Electric Chapel (Two Door Cinema Club Remix) 5. The Fame (Glam as You Remix)
  13. 1.Free Woman (Rina Sawayama and Clarence Clarity Remix) 2.911 (Charli XCX and A.G. Cook Remix) 3. Replay (Dorian Electra Remix) 4.Alice (LSDXOXO Remix) Alice (LSDXOXO Remix) 5. Sine From Above (Chester Lockhart, Mood Killer and Lil Texas Remix)
  14. 1. Babylon (Haus Labs Version) 2.Replay 3. 911 4. 1000 Doves (Piano Demo) . . . . . 5. Stupid Love
  15. Gypsy The Cure Til It Happens to You SOFY Jewels n' Drugs
  16. 1. Paper Gangsta 2. Brown Eyes 3. Video Phone 4. Fashion 5. Vanity
  17. I Want Your Love La Vie En Rose Bang Bang Orange Colored Sky Your Song
  18. 1.The Queen 2. Love Me Right 3. Retro Dance Freak 4. Again Again 5. Disco Heaven
  19. The queen of rap is always on the gay boy's minds lol.