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  1. early 2023 is the perfect gap between FN and record #3
  2. its not as bad as I thought it would be but I get why people don't like it
  3. the drill bass on a pop song, the piano outro... ufff yes
  4. great article, was not surprised that Ellen was like that behind closed doors
  5. I watched that entire XFactor season and she was one of the most humble contestants , so I believe her
  6. Miss Blackhole dropped the SOTY. a Top Ten Billboard hit, your faves are over
  7. God 29 has me rethinking some things from the past , what a fkn iconic song
  8. the production of this album is going to change the industry I can see it
  9. unfortunately it was all for a photo op, the cops ushered them [uncuffed] to a grassy area with shade. This is politics at works people
  10. Ava Max doing a photoshoot for her new album