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  1. Does Disney want to add more to this list or sum??? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_incidents_at_Walt_Disney_World
  2. Twitter singlehandedly is the reason why there is a culture war, and why Trump was elected. That webiste can burn in internet hell
  3. saw it last Saturday, no dry eyes from start to finish, film overall had a more somber tone
  4. In the past I would be complaining about her putting 700 version of one album but EVERY.SINGLE.MAINSTREAM.ARTIST does the same bs nowadays, unfortunately. Red Hot Chili Peppers and Lizzo with 20 vinyl variants and Lana with 12 for COCC; like it or not, its the new norm and the good thing is that you have the decision to buy one copy, no copies, or download it illegally for free. Some of our faves should ask their labels to put the same energy into their careers because clearly the money to spend on music is there, Taylor is simply successful at capitalizing it
  5. when are people gonna realize that rich people will never stop sticking together and don't care about what the plebeians cry about ?