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  1. a LOT going on lyrically in this very low-fi album.
  2. No, because she doesn't push herself. Apart from the health issues she had/has, for example, Chromatica could've been a "success" like Future Nostalgia and After Hours was; COVID was actually her advantage with said health issues she has, she could have done so much stuff from home and she lowkey blew it. Yes, she had a huge promo campaign for it, and so did Dua and Weeknd with their albums as well.. and let not forget the surprise drop by Taylor Music Industry Swift. And yet, the three of them have had their most successful albums and eras so far (and even many small artists did as well ). W
  3. it has thankfully dark time for radio. I have PTSD from that garbage song
  4. the era of everyone buying everyones make up line is over. All of these products probably come form the same 4 factories in East Asia with the same cheap ingredients

    Artist Randomdonna

    I made a blog of what I think are her best 5 songs if any1 is interested in reading https://opiblo.com/2022/02/09/my-top-5-madonna-songs/
  6. When the hell is Putin going to "disappear" from Earth? one less dictator on earth means one more once of freedom
  7. ohhh im excited for new music. Her album had no fillers