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  1. white twinks on twitter are the reason why she and nicki even have beef. they fabricated backtalking that she and nicki tought was from each other not random gays online.
  2. 30 singles for a 16 track album
  3. Marina & the Diamonds american fans: Venus Fly Trap will play on the Audacy stations at 11AM, 4PM, 7PM and midnight ET each day. Upon hearing it, fans can share their feedback by texting UP or DOWN to 55701”... the fact im hearing her voice on the radio... finally omgoprah15 

  4. "bad blood was obv gonna be a smash" [i know Ed was speaking over the album version] but are we amongst ourselves arguing over the album cut or the kendrick remix? because obv the Kendrick Remix is the only version that not only exists for me, but is obv 100000x better than the album cut that sounds like it was produced over speakers submerged in muddy water
  5. just as nightmare was being launched high into the charts she cuts off all promo for it
  6. i did not know Courtney invented crying prom queens. Lmao i swear i see a photoshoot like this of up and coming singers every week
  7. isnt the only reason she has a career is bc of britney? girl bye
  8. be glad your fam didn't, its gotten so expensive and crowded in the last 10 yrs now. I thought I would spend my life here but im not sure abut that anymore