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  1. its great seeing a great song that would usually have been left as a album cut be a single and actually break records
  2. I deleted twitter in February... my mental health has been so much better. Facebook is next
  3. I was gonna laugh but snoop dog and Ellie Goulding are making wines, and Lily Allen literally came out with a dildo few months back so this isn't really as crazy
  4. I was big into conspiracies when I was 14 and those type of YouTube vids were doing big numbers in 2010, so its easy to fall into that hole. I do believe ET life exists but this low-key feels like clout chasing. Kesha for example has talked about her "experiences" with aliens (or am I confusing it with ghosts) and its genuine bc thats always been part of her identity as a person and has never cared if it impacts her image as a celebrity, especially when she was controlled; whereas Demi's sudden love for it is giving "slim tea sponsor" tease
  5. literally this. Her vocals are horrible while the features are pretty good. I don't get it
  6. Shang Chi is top 2 marvel movie [black panther being #1 of course] also, when will Hollywood learn that we don't want 40 year olds playing 13 year old teenagers in TV and movies ?
  7. is this a hoax by the website or this for real?? its usually has-been celebrities who were famous 60 years ago that try to "expose" the industry with the same overused conspiracy theories. But they (Demi) are literally in the middle of a album cycle and signed to a record deal.... I know Scooter is dying rn
  8. my bf watches this show so I jumped in on season3 (ive only seen the pilot episode of season 1). the show is actually not bad, as the first episode left a weird taste in my mouth, but god, Love is the most annoying fictional character I have EVER watched
  9. when sampling goes right. Fkn amazing song
  10. the moment I head the song when the album came out I knew it was her magnum opus
  11. KeLegend?? the old whites are gonna be crying... Im DEFINETLY watching this one