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  1. 3 - Don't Start Now 2 - Love Again 1 - Bad Together 0 - Garden
  2. Brooklyn Baby West Coast Sad Girl Black Beauty Cruel World Florida Kilos Shades of Cool Old Money Money Power Glory The Other Woman Pretty When I Cry Fucked My Way Up to the Top Ultraviolence Guns and Roses
  3. 3- Levitating 2- Were Good 1- Thinking Bout You 0- IDGAF
  4. I heard someone who made a video about this topic say my stupid government is low key actually aiding Israel on this??? I wouldn't be surprised... the US still has colonies in the year's lord of 2021, and like u said, im sure the US is not going to condemn such human rights violation anytime soon
  5. 3 - Hallucinate 2 - Last Dance 1 - Prisoner 0 - For Julian
  6. no one wanted to believe me when I said L.A would be a single
  7. 3 - Cool 2 - Pretty Please 1 - Hotter Than Hell 0 - Not My Problem not y'all giving "not my trash" points
  8. omfg how many movies of this character are we going to have???? I swear we get 3 superman movie every year I don't know much about superhero comics but im sure there are hundreds of superheroes that are non-white with superpowers 10000x better than the one superman has. FOCUS ON THOSE!!!!
  9. 3 - Future Nostalgia 2 -Love Is Religion 1 - Running 0 - Kiss And Make Up
  10. he has bad taste in music so Im sure there is a bop he has connections to the industry... he gets copies of albums months before release hes known as Eclipse in the Lana fandom and hes the reason Lana pushed Lust For Life's release date months late... bc he leaked Love and Architecture [best american record] and she had to drag him in the DMs he kept taunting us with some super rare unreleased Lana songs. So someone was able to get his copies of the songs, and in turn they had me leak them on tumblr, just so he would stop being a hoe
  11. 3 - Want To 2 - physical remix 1 - idgaf 0 - my love
  12. 3 - Un Dia 2 - We’re Good 1 - Sugar 0 - Garden
  13. me when I finally get the concept of the song after 20 hours, but im tired by the time im recording the demo
  14. madonna can finally retire if you haven't heard this song idk what's wrong with you. a true 2010s classic
  15. never watched them. only like 2 scenes of the first one
  16. 3 - Electricity 2 - Thinking 'Bout You 1 - Genesis 0 - BWBB
  17. Mine.. I find Irreplaceable very replaceable
  18. idk why but the video made the song better?? like wow POV is actually fkn good lmao