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  1. Marina & the Diamonds american fans: Venus Fly Trap will play on the Audacy stations at 11AM, 4PM, 7PM and midnight ET each day. Upon hearing it, fans can share their feedback by texting UP or DOWN to 55701”... the fact im hearing her voice on the radio... finally omgoprah15 

  2. Is there a leaked demo of love on the brain by Rihanna? 

  3. help: what was a recent pop song that is known for being shopped around to different pop girls, who recorded demos of? I know Camila Cabello was a contender...and each persons demo has been leaking slowly ....  I cant remember who was the producer or the song  oprah13

    1. fab


      Zedd's The Middle? brit4 

    2. Chris


      Camila did Ari's GIAW. 

      There were a few Brit songs meant for other girls. 

      I think BOMT, Toxic and another third I can't remember. 

    3. TRENCH


      yes I think it was The Middle omg thank uu eve1


  4. Help Marina and the diamonds fans... Um so someone on Instagram asked me if I remember watching a behind the scenes video of the music video for Mowglis Road and it’s not on YouTube, Vimeo or random Chinese video sites. Idk if I’m going crazy or if I and this guy did indeed watched that behind the scenes video. Does anyone remember it? I’m not a big believer of the Mandela Effect but lmao this is what it feels like 

    1. Chris


      Wow I can't read this in darkmode

    2. Lukas


      It deffo used to be on her YouTube channel coz I remember watching it coz of the paper legs , it seems to have been taken down :(

    3. TRENCH


      @Kuchisabishii PLZZZ 😂 😭 it won’t let me fix it at all I tried copy/paste + plain text and everything 


      @Lukas ok yes I’m not crazy the.