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  1. the production of this album is going to change the industry I can see it
  2. unfortunately it was all for a photo op, the cops ushered them [uncuffed] to a grassy area with shade. This is politics at works people
  3. all of our faves careers will die when this bomb drops

    Artist Randomdonna

    I made a blog of what I think are her best 5 songs if any1 is interested in reading https://opiblo.com/2022/02/09/my-top-5-madonna-songs/
  5. cant wait for the album to come out tonight OP should be updated btw
  6. Marina & the Diamonds american fans: Venus Fly Trap will play on the Audacy stations at 11AM, 4PM, 7PM and midnight ET each day. Upon hearing it, fans can share their feedback by texting UP or DOWN to 55701”... the fact im hearing her voice on the radio... finally omgoprah15 

  7. OMGGGGGGG im excited to listen to the album, i wonder how the more dubstep/pop leaning tracks have been re-imagined
  8. Is there a leaked demo of love on the brain by Rihanna? 

  9. i like the album art and title, very gen z...at least SOUR has more personality than the generic "self-titled" choice peple go with. the target art is kinda ugly lol
  10. help: what was a recent pop song that is known for being shopped around to different pop girls, who recorded demos of? I know Camila Cabello was a contender...and each persons demo has been leaking slowly ....  I cant remember who was the producer or the song  oprah13

    1. fab


      Zedd's The Middle? brit4 

    2. Chris


      Camila did Ari's GIAW. 

      There were a few Brit songs meant for other girls. 

      I think BOMT, Toxic and another third I can't remember. 

    3. TRENCH


      yes I think it was The Middle omg thank uu eve1


  11. Help Marina and the diamonds fans... Um so someone on Instagram asked me if I remember watching a behind the scenes video of the music video for Mowglis Road and it’s not on YouTube, Vimeo or random Chinese video sites. Idk if I’m going crazy or if I and this guy did indeed watched that behind the scenes video. Does anyone remember it? I’m not a big believer of the Mandela Effect but lmao this is what it feels like 

    1. Chris


      Wow I can't read this in darkmode

    2. Lukas


      It deffo used to be on her YouTube channel coz I remember watching it coz of the paper legs , it seems to have been taken down :(

    3. TRENCH


      @Kuchisabishii PLZZZ 😂 😭 it won’t let me fix it at all I tried copy/paste + plain text and everything 


      @Lukas ok yes I’m not crazy the. 

  12. Chile what a headache. I did like his rant of the film industry but I cant tell this movie is for a few who like this type of film
  13. yes lmao... the 2000s just bleeds though the screen lol
  14. I was such a huge fan of his 2013-2015. But the second album he made with Ryan was just unforgivable he regained himself with his 2nd solo album GEMINI.. I wish he continued putting out singles off that album. has anyone heard his 2000 mixtape "Open Your Eyes"? Its the most hippy thing I've ever heard
  15. my boyfriend is a huge fan of hers.. he's even seen that Canadian show she was isn [he showed me some episodes lol]. the girl has talent
  16. Elephunk is prob their best and cohesive album all around. The END was a moment, truly insane. and the Imma Be/ Rock That Body convo was a smart idea also I finally gave a listen to will.i.am's #willpower album is not as bad as I though, albeit some of it is obv outdated
  17. definitely yes, but if price is a big factor I don't knock out comparing competition, I feel that the smart watch market has plateud right now, so pretty much the big brands have a lot of similarities in main features. https://www.theverge.com/2019/11/12/20959753/best-smartwatch-android-samsung-galaxy-google-wear-os-price-features what's funny is that ive been a Microsoft fanboy since I can remember, even though im in the apple ecosystem now, windows is my home plate
  18. So I got Apple gift cards as a graduation/Christmas gift to get an Apple Watch [my first one] and decided to get the SE Nike Edition [Silver aluminum/ 44m /GPS] and im loving it so far! My bf even went and ordered a SE [Space Grey / 44m/ GPS]. its crazy that in 2010 I got my first Apple product, an iPod touch 2nd Generation and suddenly in the last year and a Half I got a iPhone, airpods, an iMac and Watch.... when you put your mind to something you'll achieve it [by being smart with money; ie my iPhone is the XR, my Mac is refurbished, my AirPods are from a old coworker and th
  19. I followed the journey of Digital Distortion's lack of execution but what was the ultimate reason it kept getting shelved for 3 years straight?