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  1. The sad thing about all of this is Lana got exactly what she wanted from this.... publicity. I find it a downright disgrace and it certainly is no joke. Just tell that to the 1 million family members all over the world who have lost someone to this deadly virus.
  2. This guy Max is rolling with his 10 minutes of fame that Demi has given to him and trying to extend it as long as he can. His career on the soap opera surely hasn't given him any fame so why not try this stunt. Demi move one from this little shit and don't look back. You are so much more than this guy.
  3. Amazing vocal, but I wasn't expecting anything different from Demi. She can bring it. This is great.
  4. I adore Julianne Hough. The video and song however are just mediocre to me. Julianne is without a doubt a fantastic dancer and honestly I believe she is really not that bad of a singer either.
  5. Thank You, I hope to be able to see this Queen in concert someday. She is actually one of the artists my girlfriend likes that I like. My girlfriend is into more classic punk rock music like The Ramones and Black Flag and The Misfits.
  6. Rare: 20 Dance Again: 36 Look at Her Now: 8 Lose You to Love Me: 10 Vulnerable : 76 A Sweeter Place: 36 Souvenir: 46 Feel Me: 84
  7. Like I said I don't wish death on anyone and I always said before I really got to see who Donald Trump really was that I never would say I hated another person, but I absolutely despise him.
  8. So heartbreaking. I cannot even imaging what she and John are going through. My thoughts are with them both at this time.
  9. I about choked on the drink I was drinking at that moment. It was a classic moment.
  10. The thing with Taylor is she is a good song writer. She certainly does not have the best voice in the business, but she can write a good song. I say she will continue with successful albums because of that.