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  1. 90sChild


    The entire album is so danceable and feel good!
  2. 90sChild


    It's such a bop! And Off the wall (song) seems kinda underrated.
  3. Oh yeah and I forgot: I'm acting like Pretty Girls doesn't exist cause it's better for my sanity that way.
  4. Not here, obviously But no, really - all of my fave bitches have been sleeping lately so nothing exciting to comment and discuss unless we're talking about paparazzi pics, tv shows and other shit I'm not here for. Mariah released a song but It's kinda meh to me so only her residency keeps me interested.
  5. Missed this gif -> hahahah
  6. 90sChild


  7. No one has to approve or disapprove. Its her life, let her be who she is. Let people be happy as long as they're not harming anyone.
  8. 90sChild


    No Butterfly?
  9. 90sChild


    FINALLY bought Merry Christmas How's the lambily doing around here?
  10. 90sChild


    Can we just bow at the slayage that is "Clown"?
  11. 90sChild


    @Venus XCX Your avatar just reminded me of: "And it's just like honey When your love cums over me" Not sure who's the dirty mind here: me or Mimi?
  12. 90sChild


    So, you're alive And no: you wanna see Mimi live? You better work b****! (you better find your way back to my messenger's inbox, tho .gif' alt='brit12'> )
  13. If Mimi needs money than all of our other favs are fucking homeless. Like