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  1. Okay I stan a few problematic People including Nicki Minaj Who's not even problematic just misinterpreted Ariana was slightly controversial but for minor things I also stan a few more problematic artists but I won't stan artist like Cardi B and Lana Del Rey because their too annoying in My personal opinion
  2. It depends if She really is passionate about music after everything She's been through She can make a huge comeback just like with Blackout Circus and FF We haven't lost interest in her the free Britney movement is stronger than ever before also mood ring was #1 on iTunes she is probably more relevant on hiatus
  3. Sweetener and Thank U , Next were cultural defining albums Positions stayed #1 longer than any Selena album so that shows who is better
  4. a good personality? her songs are boring as fuck she barely uses her social media and won't agree with you on this forum so what makes her remotely interesting when demi and ariana can outsing her and had a overall bigger career if it was public interest her last era prior to this would've lasted more than two damn months and the only person she'd associated with is bieber and swift nobody wanna endorse her anymore bieber dropped her and taylor hasn't mentioned her in years her career been shedding for years
  5. Is obvious Selena Gomez is successful She worked hard to become relevant Her songs during her revival era were radio hits but why is in 2021 she still relevant Her acting career went into dust since she is no longer in bigger roles than WOVP all her movie roles from 2008-2011 were Disney related and she only has one #1 in her 12 year music career she is responsible for the entire whisper generation and still famous also she is more passionate in beauty products than music because every single besides LYTLM flopped including her Spanish singles she makes no different music than Sofia C
  6. her songs are cute just like the other disney girls but she involved she went from singing descendants to having substance in her music lets not act like selena wasn't average her entire disney era she couldn't sing and needed a group and show to help her dove is making it just fine
  7. Dove Cameron is underrated. She started off as a disney ex act like Olivia Rodrigo and Sabrina .but imo she is getting overlooked because She is not caught up in the love triangle or have a big push but she make bops and grown as a artist . she was in Descendants a bigger franchise than both Sabiana and OR shows and she released multiple good songs she signed to walt disney records a successful company and Disruptor but neither labels are supporting her she hasn't even dropped a album just these wasted droplets (22) Dove Cameron - Out Of Touch (Official Video) - YouTube
  8. i am so proud of her hopefully she'll not be judged and can stay happy
  9. the dress looked beautiful on her and she sounded great as usual
  10. I'm tired of future ruining good songs like endgame and everyday