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  1. The host didn't accept my slays so I have to find something quick
  2. Do you guys still want the finale? I mean it has passed a lot of time but I guess it would be nice to give this game a closure
  3. Someone sent Lights? Oh wow the taste @Dennis Reynolds

  5. Everyone sent already. Do I post it now or when the deadline ends?
  6. Well I counted it last time so I guess I have to do it this time as well
  7. ROUND 10 "The Final" Congrats for making it to the final! You all should feel proud of yourselves. For this round you have to send 3 songs 1. The first song has to be a song released before 1970 by any artist. Pretty easy, isn't it? 2. The second song has to be a song by an artist whose artistic name doesn't have any VOWELS on it. Bands are allowed 3. The third song has to be a song listed as track 3 in a third studio album. Good luck! Deadline: March 29th 12PM CST
  8. Round will be posted at 12PM CST. You guys are not prepared