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  1. ROUND 6 "SEASONS" Here are the submissions for the sixth round You can vote here Judges will post their critiques in the following hours Good luck!
  2. Please send your photos @GlenCoco @Kylie @Lynk Thanks!
  3. ROUND 6 "SEASONS" Hi models! Welcome to the top 6, for this round we want you to send us a picture representing one of the four seasons of the year (Summer, Spring, Winter and Fall) When you send your picture please tell us which season are you representing! DEADLINE: JANUARY 9TH 2PM (If everyone sends before the dealine I will post the entries before) Good luck!
  4. Naomi Taylor Madonna Your photos were the weakest this round according to the judges and your castmates, only one of you will survive, the other two will have to go home!
  5. In 5th place, last model safe with 31.1 points
  6. Hello models! Welcome to the fifth elimination ceremony. I have 8 models but only 6 photos in my hands because today two models will sadly leave the competition.
  7. Hello contestants! Sorry for making you wait a lot The truth is that I forgot about the game.. because I was dealing with other things outside this forum. Again, I'm sorry but if you want to continue I will finish this