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  1. ROUND 16 "THE FINAL" Hello and welcome to the last round of FOTP'S Song Contest Season 2. I can't believe we are already at the very end of this game! For this final round, you have to send 4 songs for the following themes 1. Monthly For this theme, you have to send a song that talks or references in their lyrics one of the 12 months of the year! 2. Religion For this theme, send a song that talks or references God or religion. It can be from a good perspective, or it can be a critique towards him/it. 3. Rest In Peace For
  2. 1, Chris 2. Stripped X 3. Kylie 4. Gabe 5. Simon Keep coming!
  3. You are probably wondering why are you tagged again? Well.. Because we are looking for ex-contestants to be part of the jury of the final and decide all together who wins this season of FOTP'S Song Contest! The only thing you need to do to be part of the jurty is to listen the songs sent by the finalists, rank them and send me your ballot to me via PM, just that! Critics are not necessary If you want to sign up and be part of the jury you can sign up in the following list 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  4. The Drake song was definitely a choice, but you still played a great game during this season
  5. Now let's skip to 7th place for no reason Which means that our second finalist is.. SAFE
  6. In 2nd place we have.. Which means that our first finalist is.. WINNER
  7. Round 15 "Fifteen" Excluding your entries, rank from 1-6 Spotify Playlist Deadline: March 20th 11AM CST Good luck!
  8. If I was a contestant I would have sent: O: Track 15: And that's why I would never make it to the semifinals
  9. I will post the entries tomorrow in case anyone wants to change their songs or something Also, can we get to page 70 before the entries?
  10. ROUND 15 "FIFTEEN" Hello semi-finalists to Round 15! We are just one step closer to the finale and we will finally know who will be crowned as a winner! For this round you have to send again 2 songs. The first song has to be a song that starts with the letter number 15 on the alphabet aka the O The second song you have to send has to be the track number 15 of any album released prior 2015 Deadline: March 18th 3PM CST Good luck!
  11. LEADERBOARD UPDATED 1. max - 1622 points 2. Snow - 1503 points 3. Kristina - 1476 points 4. Jae - 1475 points 5. Stripped X - 1448 points 6. Gabe - 1475 points 7. Simón - 1382 points 8. Shego - 939 points 9. Equals - 743 points 10. Chris - 688 points 11. Kylie - 627.5 points 12. Billie Frank - 403 points 13. Mario Spears - 381 points 14. GlenCoco - 339 points 15. Pink Wig - 60 points 16. Hector - 53 points 17. Love Sux/Flux - 52.5 points 18. Amanda Laura - 118 points
  12. Now let's move to the lows! Which means that.. SAFE and LOW Congrats to our semifinalists!
  13. Now we have a tie between two songs! Which means that WINNER