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  2. I miss 2NE1, BLACKPINK is the only one doing it close to them but even then....
  3. Lmk whatchu think. If you like Namie Amuro or Kumi Koda you’d probably enjoy JASMINE too, I just rediscovered her too. I love her album GOLD
  4. PoC - people of color Hence why the term afrolatino exists Latino/hispanic detonates region which can correlate with skin color but not necessarily hence why we have the afrolatino term My skin is darker than other latinos growing up and I used to get called a “dirty bitch” by kids with fairer skin. Colorism plays a part in this edit; context matters so PoC obviously means something different whether you’re in America or Europe. Ie asians obv have fair skin but because they’re not native to US they’re considered a “person of color” due to xenophobia
  5. My fave jpop divas are Namie Amuro, Kumi Koda, Ayumi Hamasaki & Utada Hikaru but that’s like the starter pack to jpop. some of my faves by them Sparkle - Ayumi Hamasaki TABOO - Kumi Koda WILD - Namie Amuro traveling - Utada Hikaru
  6. Cause it sounds like a clusterfuck of ideas which gives the impression that its gonna be a hot mess. I mean if she said it herself that it can be perceived nonsensical then... I don’t know what’s surprising about me agreeing with her about that, lol.
  7. if you like Arca you should check her out. This one issa bop
  8. She seems sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boooooooooooooooriiiiiiinggggggggggg.
  9. Kiki

    Artist Girls Aloud

    Yooooo did y’all know they uploaded Nicola’s album on Spotify last May? I just found out a couple of weeks ago
  11. ? ........ Yes, I’m one of her fans that this doesn’t make sense to, just like she said, lmaoo Honestly if she took out Elton John out of it it would make more sense to me but I’d check it out anyways
  12. I’m on a Facebook group called Angelposting so maybe that. Or Charli’s Angels? anyways hai y’all, I’m new here. I’m a huge fan of a lot of girls but Charli is definitely in my top five, especially after seeing her live! She’s a great performer. Charli has collaborated with so many artists, are there any in particular you’d like to see her work with? Poppy has gone the numetal route but if she ever decides to go POP again I think it’d be soooooo interesting to see them work together.
  13. Are there any jpop fans up in hurrr. I’ve been rediscovering some of my fave jpop divas and would like to check out some new artists
  14. Latin American heritage doesn’t necessarily mean they’re PoC. There’s PLENTTTTYYYYYYY of whiteness in Latin culture, I mean they got colonized just like every one else. Latino just means you come from Latin America, it doesn’t detonate skin color or genes, lol.
  15. I like the song but tf am I suppose to do with this video! Boringgggggg. I’m tired of music videos just being aesthetics nowadays, I want them to bring back plots or choreography or something outside of cinematography. Blah
  16. Well I’m glad she’s aware that no one actually wanted this at least
  17. Omg! Truly underrated. Genius of Love - Tom Tom Club
  18. Clearly Gaga doesn’t want to be a pop singer anymore, she just wants to be a pop culture icon. Over it
  19. Clearly Gaga doesn’t want to be a pop singer anymore, she just wants to be a pop culture icon. Over it