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  1. No, she was a hard worker. You’d think that touring the world would’ve opened her mind and heart, but each era since Lights accidentally made her famous in America she’s been after the same recognition, acclaim and success. I’ll give her kudos and say that Halcyon, as a solo album and a body of work existed without any particularly obvious megahits (even though Anything Could Happen was seemingly positioned as one). But there’s the cold hard fact that I Need Your Love was there on the tracklisting, like a ticking time bomb, completely tone deaf to all of the music that preceded it. H
  2. I love how she talks of respect about her favorite artists like Kate Bush, Joni Mitchell and Björk. Guess what: all of those artists were strong and sensible enough to forge careers that meant something to themselves and their fans with basically no artistic compromises No one looks back and Kate and thinks of some Vanilla Ice collab that she had to do to stay relevant. No, they think of and know the woman that exudes talent and vision in an especially male dominated era to blow away so many minds and preconceptions. Ellie has been coasting along for years and honestly her career mi
  3. Twitter stans keep insisting time and time again how big she is, how many smashes she has and tends to just point at very specific country dance charts or whatever as evidence of her relevance and it’s so incredibly weird and such an echo chamber. The last half of her career has been so devoid of original material that has actually charted well anywhere globally and it makes her look increasingly desperate and reliant on collaborations to even be acknowledged anymore. Even right now, her loud fans are begging her to collab with Taylor, Halsey, Katy, ect. Way to basically marginalize
  4. 10. Perfection. Honors her original sound, but with extra confidence, beautiful vocals and melodies. Insanely fun chants plus the production is great, too.
  5. I’m scared that an Ellie “greatest hits” has the potential to be one of her least ever enjoyable official releases if it mirrors the majority of her garbage Joe Sixpack pleasing live show setlists. I’m fed up of her performing mainly her most popular songs. I’ve heard them enough in this lifetime already. Jesus. So I’m just going to intentionally kneecap myself and avoid all songs she’s released as a single, covered, had an official music video made for or appeared on as someone else’s single. I’m celebrating works that she’s amazing on that the public won’t recognize as much as th
  6. 5.5. It’s just above average. It’s catchy enough I guess but it never feels like it goes anywhere. As is with the case with Silk City’s Electricity, I’d rather listen to Major Lazer’s Lean On instead.
  7. 10. Truly her best intro (sorry, Delirium’s Intro, but it’s true). So dramatic, pained and epic with those drums and layered vocals. It’s getting closer each day to a decade since this masterpiece has existed and I want to acknowledge its artistry and beauty. I hear your thunder, Don’t Say A Word.
  8. 3. Zero reason to listen to this over Electricity. Repetitive in all of the wrong ways.
  9. 9. This is one of the few top tier tracks on Delirium that actually seem to be worthy of the “big pоp girl album” goal that she was trying to do with the release. To be slightly critical, it doesn’t exactly use her vocal prowess as much as it could but it’s so catchy I can overlook that.
  10. 8.5. A hypnotic synth, unique lyric matter and great vocal performance makes it a really memorable, if somewhat out of field, album closer.
  11. 7. It’s cute. It’s fine. It’s not bad but it’s at the same time it’s definitely not a song that I sit back and think “Oh man, I’m in a New Heights mood right now.” Album track through and through.
  12. Yet it’s done almost 3x the streams of Power, despite how little she’s pushed it as a whole. Don’t know if that mean that it overperformed or that Power flopped.
  13. Power is 8.5. First great single from Brightest Blue as a whole (she insists that Flux wasn’t a single for some reason). Super catchy and energetic.
  14. Under The Sheets is a 9. Fighter Plane is a 7. Both Love I’m Given and Something In The Way You Move are an 8.