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  1. Her cover is how they eventually did a song together:
  2. There’s also a tonne of stuff she’s only mostly covered live, too: Life Round Here, Roscoe, Tethered, Sweet Disposition, When Doves Cry, Where Are Ü Now, All I Want For Christmas Is You, Last Christmas, Santa Baby, Big Yellow Taxi, Dynamite, Empire State of Mind, Everybody's Free (To Feel Good), Look Right Through, Mirrors, Of The Night, Rise Up, Sail On, Don’t Panic, Some Nights and Weathered.
  3. I’d rather her have a dedicated covers album at this point. Lord knows she’s done enough of them over the years.
  4. https://music.apple.com/us/album/fields-of-gold/1652090258?i=1652090423 Pretty nice.
  5. Even the Official Charts are listening to the wrong one.
  6. For me, it’s hard to beat an acoustic Ellie. Plus it shows off way more of her vocal chops.
  7. Yes, I know, but that doesn’t explain where the name was discovered. The only thing that’s used is “HTH” in the URL and her hashtags. Who first dropped the name? Is it just a lucky guess?
  8. I’ll laugh if the album’s title is actually Hope This Helps instead. Where did people find out that it’s seemingly Higher Than Heaven anyway?
  9. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMFMeQKYV/ You’re missing out on her cringe.
  10. Okay Gramps. Good job missing out on the delicious treat that is sleepy chicken.