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  1. I’m excited for this. Let’s hope he’s not lying. This will be very interesting.
  2. I find this hard to believe. I think he’s doing this because djws got all the attention. He’s known to be a troll.
  3. Lmfao Thank You I found it on Twitter 💀 Yeah I agree with you, I’m a bit disappointed this era. She could’ve released a deluxe edition with a new single, but she’d rather leave us with nothing. The whole no promo because of covid is tiring. Dua Lipa was promoting her album non stop during the pandemic. I sort of want it, but I also want the free women demo and rom solo version.
  4. Yes. It’s been on Twitter for a while. The Babylon haus lab version was registered into BMI. Nick Night also said something would be released around may. We might have some extra tracks or a new mv. Who knows tbh Godga is torturing us this era.
  5. The Babylon fashion film might be real after all. I still have some faith.
  6. The queen of pop looks amazing. Youthful queen 👑
  7. I wasn’t aware of the fact that she got warned before. It’s her fault if she didn’t listen. My apology!
  8. I mean I guess so, but she wasn’t intending it to come out like that. She wanted to raise awareness but people took it as an offense.