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  1. New music video for my This Is What You Came For remix posted on my Vimeo
  2. Thanks! It's one of my favs from my album. The rock take on it compliments the lyrics a lot more imo, way more emo this way too lol.
  3. Thank you, glad u enjoyed the album!! Photographs is amazing, its in my top 3 best songs by her so I had to include it! Sin for me is Woo from Anti, I just renamed it cuz Woo didnt really make sense as a title for my version and Sin for me is a much more badass title too lol.
  4. We really have been waiting for r9 for forever lol but in a way this kind of is like a new album. I tried to make these as different to the originals as possible and sequence them like a real album with a theme throughout. Hopefully it comes across like that when people listen to it!
  5. After you guys get a chance to listen to the album lemme know what your fav songs are from it. Any and all feedback is welcome!
  6. Lma0. At first i thought the alleged musician joke was just for this rih section since she aint dropped music in a 100 yrs
  7. Yh I tried that but didnt work, kept going back to alleged musician, thats why i changed it to Rih instead. the message u quoted also changed L0L to MUHAHAHAHAHAHA. so im not sure why certain words get changed to something else.
  8. MUHAHAHAHAHAHA, im tryna get it fixed but I can't message any of the mods to fix it for me.
  9. I made a Rihanna remix album of some of my favourite songs by her and turned it into an album. You can listen to the full album on my Bandcamp below. Also made some music videos for a couple of songs like This Is What You Came For, Disturbia, Only Girl In The World, Take Care & Te Amo you can watch on my Vimeo below too. Hope you guys like it. https://chigz.bandcamp.com/album/rihanna-heaven-through-your-eyes https://vimeo.com/showcase/8197678