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  1. Adele, she will probably release Q4 this year Taylor will probably release 1989 (Taylor's Version) this year but not a new studio album
  2. I don't think Jessie would even do it tbh, and this is from The Sun so I doubt it's true
  3. Norman Fucking Rockwell really is Lana's best album.  That's it. That's the status


  4. Forbidden Love I love Bedtime Stories so much
  5. This is hard omg Be the One
  6. Why did I only just discover that Dua's We're Good music video is about lobster murder? nicki5

  7. I disagree. Most of Love + Fear was bland playlist pop, Ancient Dreams is a total return to form for Ms. Marina Froot remains her best album though
  8. Need to Know is a bop At first I thought I was tripping like damn Doja's friend in this video really looks like Grimes, then I realised it literally is Grimes