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  1. The way AJay has some of y'all are so bothered and upset I guess she's really that girl
  2. It's a cute top ten but No Tears deserves to be #1
  3. Positions as an album is so underrated, in years to come y'all bitches will realise you did it dirty and you will repent! oprah13

    1. Chris


      It's vastly overrated noway1 

  4. I think her trauma makes her sometimes not express her point correctly, I don't think she meant to be disrespectful or rude
  5. I have a feeling this is going to be really good
  6. We love talent


    1. all-american bitch

      all-american bitch

      Of course we do antm1

    2. Atlantis Princess

      Atlantis Princess

      What a fucking good song and video 

  7. Good That security team was trash and she should sue them
  8. Gaga will be playing two stadium shows in Japan on September 3rd & 4th!
  9. We knew this already, they already announced a hiatus so ofc they don't have plans for after this tour ends... I still think they will reunite in a few years though
  10. Sugababes (not 4.0.) Girls Aloud Little Mix TLC Spice Girls Destiny's Child The Pussycat Dolls Fifth Harmony The Saturdays G.R.L. Girlicious #Justice4AllSaints
  11. The "shock value" claims with him are so ridiculous. Most people just like his songs and don't give a fuck about his image. Just because he uses gay themes in his videos doesn't mean that he is doing it for shock value. He's gay, he's just being himself. It also doesn't make sense because he had the longest running number one single ever in history BEFORE he even came out as gay, as well as a hit follow up single with Panini. His music is successful because he makes good music and people enjoy it. It's that simple. People keep moving the goalposts for him, he's had several huge hits at th
  12. I'm so happy for her Congrats Britney and Sam!