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  1. m actually excited to hear the country aspect of this. Glad she’s back. Break my soul has been on constant repeat. I loved the Lion King soundtrack that she executively produced, so I hope there’s more afrobeat infused tracks. My heart would be overjoyed if Signs part two was released lol what are y'all wanting to see?
  2. OMG THIS. It's never appealed to me either, she was glowing that era but the project as a whole gave "summer hits compilation" energy. Def some bops but I rarely go back to it.
  3. Definitely, it’s also really disappointing because I feel like I relate a lot to Kim- in the scene that we have the same personalities etc. I honestly believe Luke is blocking her from becoming a well known icon. I bet you if she worked with Max Martin or something she would take off.
  4. omfg you've probably fuming at me rn which is so understandable
  5. Yeah they could easily work with Ilya or something.
  6. His best album tbh. Great for a live setting. LNT is superb!
  7. Positions was so basic. You need to rest Ari.
  8. Hey girlies, I was wondering what you guys thought of this… I’ve always felt problematic for stanning Kesha whilst being a massive Kim and Doja fan as well. I don’t like or support Luke at all, but I love their music, I think it’s really fun and bubbly. Every time I listen to them though, I can’t help but think I’m kind of supporting an abuser. I’ve had a few discussions with my friends about this and they say it’s not that deep but I feel like I’m doing Kesha wrong? Even Mariah worked with him recently and I just felt really suss about that TOO. I know I’m probably being contradict
  9. Ok, I actually thoroughly enjoyed the album. It's giving a slight synth- pop tease which I love and it's lighter than his previous works, I was very mixed towards Fine Line and HS1 bc some tracks were too alternative for my basic dance-pop whore soul, whereas Harry's House has a diverse balance. I actually put a heart to 10/13 tracks. Great effort Hazza boo. Anyone else with me??
  10. If music like this is created, there is NO REASON why abcdefu should still be charting. I said my truth lol.
  11. Message in a bottle is so good. Reminds me of a song from EMOTION by Carly
  12. Take Me Home by One Direction owns my ass. So manyyy bops.

  13. I want you, bless my soul.

  14. Paris Hilton's music is good, you just won't admit itParis Hilton Fashion GIF by Amazon Prime Video