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  1. Cannibal is my favorite release of hers. man-gina gets me every time... Grow a Pear would be too problematic today
  2. Message in a bottle is so good. Reminds me of a song from EMOTION by Carly
  3. Paris' Hot Takes for the last round! Hey guys, everyone did a great job this round. Well done. Midnight Memories: Hi boys, firstly, I think this is one of my favorite albums from you sexy specimens. The transition from pop to rock was so effortless and your voices matured so much. The picture and performance were cute too. Blackout: One word to describe this album- Iconic. You made one of the best pop records during your darkest days and I'll forever respect that. The performance was stellar... The HAIROGROPHY! The picture gives me Lindsay vibes. I think we have
  4. Paris' Hot Takes: Hi everyone, how are we? This round was a tricky one. Onto the critiques: Bionic: Hi Christina, I have a lot of mixed evaluations on the album. Some songs are hot... but some of the songs are dated and clustered. I love you babe, I don't think this is your best work. The picture is really seductive, I idolize your hair here! I like that you used a blurry 2003 camera from my throwback collection. Loving the video quality! Treat Myself: Hey Meghan, we need to have a talk, you dissed my bestie Britney last year, I don't appreciate that. Apologi
  5. Sis, I was going to say that but I was afraid of the criticism, thank you for speaking up about 'Summer's Not Hot"
  6. Hi Selenators, I wanted to get your view on "A Year Without Rain " Personally, it Is my favorite Selena record. It's so fun, feel-good and up-tempo. The artwork is stunning! My top songs are: - "A Year Without Rain" - "Ghost Of You" - "Off The Chain"
  7. Paris' Hot Takes! Hi Babes, sorry for my absence recently. I was busy fixing my.... disco stick with Gaga! Onto the critiques.... The Human Condition: Hi Jon, first off, I love the album so much, the photo and performance however, are a little uninspired. I wanted you to channel the excellence of the album but, sadly it didn't translate. You could've done something based around the album artwork, too! Froot: Marina, you served! The performance backdrops and visuals are so captivating! I love the range of colors in the picture. The dress is godly. Where did you g
  8. My pussy is quaking and... you guessed it... burning red! so much good pop news this week