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  1. it's a tie between the swifties and barbz tbh
  2. i am now an all-american bitch! stream GUTS everyone xoxo ayumi1

  3. yup! i believe she has decided to not work with dr. luke at all hopefully, i definitely feel that this is the case ever since she dropped attention.


    1. sweetpie


      Wow . It's amazing. 

  5. my whole issue with this entire situation and discourse is that many of the people are quick to say that Ariana is 100% to blame and it's entirely 100% her fault. to put it simply, that's not true. most of the blame needs to be shifted onto Ethan because he willingly left his PREGNANT wife with whom he had kids with for Ariana. now, i'm not saying that Ari didn't have a part to play in this; her role in this situation is obvious. we know what she did, and we condemn it by all means. BUT, this is not entirely her fault like some people are implying. of course she should be called out for what w
  6. i don't think the people in this thread are defending her by any means besides Kristina?? and why are you calling us sluts like