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  1. this. this right here is gold rip2


    1. sweetpie


      It's really good. 

  2. ok tell me why i want to join cal all of a sudden- 😭

  3. I don't think so? you can't just compare taylor to a heartless dictator, that's taking things too far. if you think there's nothing wrong with that, clearly there is a problem.
  4. oh, i see. however I'm sure that my point still makes sense (hopefully).
  5. i think you are mistaken. you can rant about taylor all you want, however you can't needlessly compare her to a ruthless dictator in BG. and besides, why would you want to compare taylor to an actual heartless dictator and on top of that be a jerk to those who disagree? make it make sense.
  6. at first when I listened, the lyricism seemed a little over-the-top, but the more times I've listened, I can appreciate her approach to the songwriting for the album. I was also pleasantly shocked when I heard her change in musical direction.
  7. oh lord, here we go again. and I thought that he was finally at peace with his identity, nope.