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  1. Sexxx Dreams LoveGame Government Hooker Dancin' In Circles Teeth
  2. Masterpiece of a song oh my god oprah15


    1. sweetpie


      It's really good song.  I love it. 

    2. Kaeya


      @sweetpie Great to hear! <3

    3. sweetpie
  3. Definitely I think I also saw an article saying that Britney wants to end the feud with Jamie Lynn, saying that it's tacky
  4. I know, but all I wanted to do was just play around, I wasn't being serious at all. But ok.
  5. Sis I was just playing around- well now the fun is ruined
  6. Are you saying I'm not smart and I can't think for myself an I don't have common sense? You made me sad
  7. Ikr it's literally just so awful. Britney doesn't deserve an ounce of what's happening to her right now
  8. I know, but a lot of times he goes out of his way to attack me. But I no longer react in an unwarranted way, I keep myself collected
  9. Jamie Lynn is literally nothing but a narcissistic, gaslighting, disgusting and awful rat