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  1. Her 3rd album title actually proves this to be false Until GGGB she was releasing inoffensive mini-bops and had quite a clean image.
  2. I love how she only decided she didn't want to be famous once she finally became famous Did she think David Guetta and Flo Rida features were gonna keep her identity secret? burqa1
  3. Album

    I think she does provide diversity - If You're Never Gonna Move, Imagine It Was Us, Tough Love, Midnight, Selfish Love are all quite different, but I agree that her latest album is very samey and sadly she chose basic for the most prominent sound on Glasshouse
  4. The flopping gimmick
  5. This. I mean she's always banged on about her music being art but save the painfully hip stuff for the music videos
  6. Other

    Somehow that's even worse.
  7. It's like when someone who never gets laid claims they're celibate
  8. Her gimmick being... herself?
  9. Gaga?
  10. Bizarre

    Lock her out of PayPal, Twitter and any recording contract she might have.
  11. I get why artists cling on to their gimmicks because if it ain't broke, don't fix it, but for some of them it's getting boring. Taylor. Continues to do the tip of the wink to haters and sarcastically playing the victim. Can she just get over herself already? Does she have nothing else to write about other than it-was-over-before-it-began relationships and trying to make fun of her latest tabloid fiasco... Tove Lo. We get it, bitch. You do drugs, you fuck daddies for life. You're a drunk mess 24/7 and your lady wood throbs harder than the bassline on your forgettable bops. Switch it up. Ed Sheeran. Cashes in on his ordinary guy look constantly. Even though we know he's famous, he doesn't LOOK like a popstar, so he can get away with writing countless songs about "being normal" despite having millions of dollars and 0 credibility. There must be tonnes more
  12. Bionic was the beginning of the flop though
  13. Revenge Is Sweeter (Than You Ever Were) was a bop on the album sampler I had back in 2009