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  1. I heard it on the radio the other day and I thought it was a cover, it's that classy. I also thought the DJ said "Jessie J", and I thought "whew her sound has IMPROVED"
  2. While I agree it's very accomplished, it's also very TASTEFUL and doesn't necessarily show off her personality. I remember thinking Imagine It Was Us didn't suit her at the the time, but it was basically a WYP? prequel.
  3. I once read someone describe Olly Murs as "looking like he does really rancid farts"... and I think of that most times he pops up
  4. I--- I thought that just came from your fevered imagination but --- I bet it sounded better than 78% of his music
  5. I really need Chromatica II to play while the picture on the left slowly morphs into the 911 emergency on the right
  6. He lives not far from me Clearly I bought in the wrong neighbourhood
  7. It's hard to know what's offensive these days. Yesterday I learned that "coloured" is the "official" description of mixed race people in South Africa Yes but, which country in the massive continent that is Asia are you from?
  8. Why is this giving me early Ed Sheeran demo title vibes - one which will one day resurface and finally ruin his career?
  9. "Asian" is very broad sis Also, in the UK, "Asian" means brown, in America it means Oriental