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  1. I searched "Janet Jackson forgotten" and this came up on the first page: FOTP ha impact (where is Janip's though?)
  2. Never heard of that before, but it came up quickly when I searched: https://www.mtv.com/news/1430602/jewel-kurt-loder-square-off-on-poetic-license/ At least she's dyslexic... Meanwhile Olivia got her poetic licence last week
  3. 3 - Be The One 2 - Lost In Your Light 1 - Love Agin 0 - Homesick
  4. It was - Boots used the original version but then switched to the Sugababes' once it was released. I feel like Amelle does the husky thing well enough as it is. I used to think of Heidi is quite a good singer until you kept going on about her flat vocals, and now I can't unhear it
  5. I stanned that album HARD and was PRESSED when Throw It Away was cancelled as the fifth single in the UK. I was also envious of her multiple #1s in Australia. Predictable, Not Me, Not I, Running Away, Throw It Away, Lost Without You - all slapped then (and somewhat still do). Out of the Blue was such a weak comeback single and her record label stopped promoting her in the UK after her 2nd album flopped. It's a shame, because there's a few good tracks on that too, such as The Analyst and Disorientated.
  6. Save: new rules could not give a fig about the main vote
  7. I mean, at least an ATM built into a concrete wall gives me my hard-earned cash. Trollen has always given me the creeps.
  8. Secret Love Song, No More Sad Songs, Break Up Song, Heartbreak Anthem, can't wait for the Little Mix Love compilation coming next Mother's Day
  9. It was a note-for-note cover, I wasn't here for it Yes, that album is near enough wall-to-wall slaps (and There's A Place) - her debut has its moments as well. She also sang back-up vocals for Morcheeba on their album The Antidote, which sound lovely in the chorus here: