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  1. The shade of pink throughout, and the way your signature looks is very pleasing to me
  2. LÉON


    It's OK when your fave keeps on winning
  3. LÉON


    Put down a "11" then put another 1
  4. Wait, can I just say how PERFECT your branding is this era, sis?
  5. LÉON


    You didn't detect my sarcasmé
  6. LÉON


    I remember her debut vividly - I was still at college then and we were putting together a magazine, and I was writing the single reviews page. This song came up on a list of new releases and I was snatched by the name "Lady Gaga" - it sounded so ridiculous then. JD seems a little generic and basic today, but back then no one was serving that kind of lewk or sound. A new pop music era was born
  7. LÉON


    What a difference a decade makes - the Cache section has been cleared and Lady Gaga is #1
  8. LÉON


    I went to select Bad Romance, and then remembered this is a US-based list I don't particularly like any of these songs, but Just Dance will always hold a special place in my memory
  9. LÉON


    So you haven't logged in since 2010 then? Do you remember me? You once paid me to edit your stories and we had a clique with Ana and there was some thread about snakes that I forget the relevance of
  10. I made that reference with you in mind
  11. LÉON


    Are you... Timmeh?
  12. LÉON


    Having an interlude and an album called Chromatica II would be hella confusing A collab with Caroline Polenta would be a slay, though.
  13. LÉON


    In what way are you an old soul?
  14. LÉON


    Tea. The generation that completely sold out.