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  1. We need more rounds @Shego, this is too much fun
  2. One oblivious person in Trollberg, Bavaria does not constitute a fact
  3. Allie X finally getting some attention/paparazzi/promo
  4. Better than guns guns guns guns
  5. Thank you @Shego, an entertaining mess as usual
  6. Sorry should that have been mushroom muffin?
  7. I'm not going to take backchat on a food-related matter after the mushroom fiasco
  8. It's not a separate word though, McMuffin is all one word
  9. I did not say Mango McMuffin though
  10. Muffin is a different word to McMuffin, in the same way that 'murderous' and 'murderers' are different
  11. Save your 'valid vegetable' comment for a 2-point reach in the 'V' letter round
  12. Hold up @Shego why did I only get 1.5 points for Mango muffin? A McMuffin is not the same as an actual muffin