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  1. You are a smart, bright and strong boi, never forget that

  2. Trash fans made it chart But at least Nicki can say she has a #1 I guess
  3. The way you wrote it suggested she'd already had a hit single this era Hence my derision. Although I suppose we could count River at a push
  4. Wait I have just noticed she does have a #1 but it took her like 10 years and it was with a convicted paedophile
  5. LÉON

    Artist LÉON

    No, it's not one of her best
  6. When Elton does it it's kind of an "aw cute he's still going?" kind of thing. When Madonna does it, it's "look I can still open my legs just as much as these 20yos."
  7. I'd be here for the title if this was about to throw shade at pieces of shit who have been (or should be) cancelled "I guess I should say thank you, Harvey For giving us #MeToo Christmas isn't cancelled, oh no Christmas isn't cancelled... Just you"