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  1. A classic ! Anne Marie probably thinks it's from 2002, too
  2. All those exclamation marks serving @Mario teas.
  3. All the singles were good. NTLTC was a classic on arrival. GIAW made points. I seem to see a lot of people shitting on this album, but it feels like the last time she made properly decent pop music.
  4. I remember Love Love being played in a club and everyone being confused about it, but still dancing
  5. I mean, I was going for a cheap drag if I'm completely honest. Doin' Time is a shining beacon among the smouldering rubble that is NFR
  6. People are dying Kim. If you think someone is racist based on that one small action then seek help
  7. Snatch me sis. I've always thought TD is overrated and really grating.
  8. Oh my God this song. One of very few to make me cry
  9. Queen of Disaster, Queen of the Gas Station and Driving In Cars With Boys yes. But these are all unreleased.
  10. First of all, Caroline is not a racist Second of all, while I despise Chlamydia, she's gone for an Art Nouveau style, whereas Caroline's is more gothic with some Celtic influences.
  11. Tea! P!nk feels like a punk clothing shop that somehow only sells plain t-shirts and modest skirts.
  12. Ugh the Chinese really need to get their act together and admit it's not the right time to host this