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  1. I prefer Katy B over Emeli Blandé 5AM >>>
  2. They're probably tracking our televisivo usage via Huawei's 5G network instead
  3. You need one to watch BBC in any format, and/or to watch live TV from any of the other channels
  4. LÉON


    You can't remember to forget her
  5. Shows how Out of Touch.mp3 I am with daytime television I cancelled my TV licence when lockdown started
  6. When you said "your prince" I thought you meant my boyfriend
  7. Well you can Say What You Want.mp3 but it won't change my mind
  8. Magic at least has a chorus, I'll give it that From what I heard from The Killers' Imploding The Career it was more of the same MOR dad-rock they've been peddling since Day & Age
  9. I was referring to the prince bit, but I now get it
  10. I haven't actually watched it since the Carole McGiffin years