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  1. When Elton does it it's kind of an "aw cute he's still going?" kind of thing. When Madonna does it, it's "look I can still open my legs just as much as these 20yos."
  2. I'd be here for the title if this was about to throw shade at pieces of shit who have been (or should be) cancelled "I guess I should say thank you, Harvey For giving us #MeToo Christmas isn't cancelled, oh no Christmas isn't cancelled... Just you"
  3. Two of the most boring artists on one song yes I am surprised
  4. Sis really? There are FAR worse songs released in the last 21 years
  5. Are you? It seems to have had even less promo than the original album
  6. There are people who artificially inflate their testicles, so they are probably rejoicing at the news the vaccine will do it for them
  7. I'm not, they had to change the singles chart rules here because of him dominating them A lot music fans who aren't teenage girls or busy working parents think all of his songs are bad Enough to make me shiver indeed
  8. Tell that to the UK No Talents is currently in its 11th week at #1 in the UK
  9. I get what she means. Whenever I finish a book I rush to reviews to check what people thought, rather than forming my own opinion. Social media is just a constant stream of opinions nowadays --- how do you know what your own is if you're constantly surrounded by others?