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  1. We need more rounds @Shego, this is too much fun
  2. One oblivious person in Trollberg, Bavaria does not constitute a fact
  3. Allie X finally getting some attention/paparazzi/promo
  4. Better than guns guns guns guns
  5. Thank you @Shego, an entertaining mess as usual
  6. Sorry should that have been mushroom muffin?
  7. I'm not going to take backchat on a food-related matter after the mushroom fiasco
  8. It's not a separate word though, McMuffin is all one word
  9. I did not say Mango McMuffin though
  10. Muffin is a different word to McMuffin, in the same way that 'murderous' and 'murderers' are different
  11. Save your 'valid vegetable' comment for a 2-point reach in the 'V' letter round
  12. Hold up @Shego why did I only get 1.5 points for Mango muffin? A McMuffin is not the same as an actual muffin
  13. The good sis @Kylie managed to fuck up the letter and had like 0.5 minutes to submit her correct answers, and STILL none of them were as desperate and wrong as most of yours
  14. I think 'murderous' is the reach here, 'military men' is OK
  15. I screamed a bit Kylie really is cruel this summer
  16. The only promo he does is for Lover
  17. Also 0.5 for both people who put 'medical' @Shego
  18. No, you could put 'Making' in front of anything, it's not specific enough.
  19. What the fuck is this spelling
  20. For the mushroom botany lesson