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  1. Bought a copy of Amazing Streams for a no1curr, Harbour did that katy2

  2. I wanted to say Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes, and then I remembered that was that other Jennifer Warnes song
  3. Gays who were in their teens 10 years ago might remember it, but I doubt anyone else knows it exists
  4. The thought of listening to any of her output before Red feels like the same vibe as adults who stan Disney
  5. Big God was notable, but I don't feel the need to listen to it as you kind of get the gist about halfway through I hated Hunger at first and I still think it's one of her worst vocal performances, but the production and lyrics save it. I don't even know how any of the tracks beyond Hunger and Big God go, so you're a bit of a HAH stan compared to me
  6. I bought it, and it's the last album I ever bothered with from Madonna. Controversially, I feel it's the one with the least filler.
  7. Didn't buy it at the time and/or never used it properly
  8. I skipped Ultraviolence at first, until I heard Old Money and I had to get it It's so much better than her last 2 (3? Has BB come out yet? Does Lanadderall even know if it has?) albums
  9. I downloaded Hunger and stopped there. I trust your taste enough to not bother with anything else ever now
  10. It's still charting in the UK It could become her most-known and most-remembered song at this point. It kind of sends me a bit that this is the kind of material that will end up on classic radio, and generations from now people will hear it and delve into her discography - only to find Aura or Teeth and be VERY confused
  11. She already competed in some random Chinese talent show, I think her fortpolio is already tarnished
  12. Not all of these people ranking the instant classic Royals beneath a chorusless flopback promo clip for EDF Energy
  13. Gather them a bit. Every thread feels like another one of their bitchy coffee mornings
  14. I feel you. SWBL, MGO and then MMW were all great rock-pop songs, but now I don't wish to tarnish my reputation by playing them.
  15. 1989 and Melodrama yes. Fauxlk pop, no.
  16. NFR! wasn't all that pretentious to start with (by Lanadderall Rey standards), but pretentious music critics who ragged on her when she wasn't making Music To Grow Beards To made it feel like a pretentious era. Thanks to them, dull fauxlk music seems to be her new aesthetic
  17. That "something off" is Jack Switchitoff
  18. Can't wait for her next album to be released during her sesquicentenary
  19. I used to stan Marinara hard during her debut era, to the point where she's still in my top 10 most played artists ever: https://www.last.fm/user/theberen/library/artists?date_preset=ALL I bought EH and Froot, and gave them a decent amount of scrobbles even though both are patchy and have about 3 good songs each. But I completely skipped Love + Fear. A useless album. I couldn't believe it when I read the other day that it was meant to be inspired by a book by some psychologist or other. This quote from Reddit sums up my feelings about it: What albums have you skippe
  20. The title track sounds unlike anything else she's ever done though I slightly agree with Messrs @Beel and @Urbi though, the lyrics are some of the cringiest I've ever heard (and this is Marina we're talking about ). The production on this album SLAPS though Borde, Lanadderall Ray and Tranquiliser Swift should all take NOTE
  21. It's good, but the song truly pops AWF at the end