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  1. She's always seemed that way to me, which is why I never found her that appealing.
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    Daisies named after the fact he made her Bloom
  3. When did she become Boobessica Titson?
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    1. The Blackest Day - Moira O'Hara 2. Swan Song - CharnyBoy 3. The Blackest Day - Hyun. 4. Swan Song - LÉON 5. 6. 7. This was difficult, as I feel TBD is the better song, but I play SS more often
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    Poor Physical
  7. Not these two 2011 legends posting one after the other
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    Oh, I get that a lot
  9. Serving "(You're not into it?) I'm not into it"
  10. Bree Runway's segment reminds me of Long Way 2 Go by Cassie
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    Is the aim of the game to not only eliminate the worst songs from Honeysnooze, but also our patience and remaining cognitive functions? @Ghostface
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    What's wrong with this lyric? Out of that list, I chose the Judas lyric because it's both awful and unnecessary. But I will never forgive the funny/funny "rhyme" from Eh Eh
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    After NRO, this seems to be her basic era, and she was already quite basic
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    These local fad facts don't surprise me
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    Same I can't stop replaying that bit.
  16. What really sends me is that you didn't even get a full point for your buffoonery
  17. Although I'm not attracted to him, I can at least recognise that he SNAPPED aesthetically and is consistently pushing the boundaries of traditional masculinity
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  19. I should have knew You were one of the few players who didn't provide a thread link
  20. Portugal The Man is the only Portuguese answer I will accept from you this day Robert Palmer is not a jazz singer
  21. So it was! Updated
  22. It's my jam at the moment and I can relate in my life
  23. Pretty much this was huge a flop? ROUND II ANSWERS Bold = 2 points | Italics = 0.5 points | Underlined = 0 points. | The rest get 1 point. LETTER: QUESTIONS:
  24. Serving predictability like Moo albums since the 1990s