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  1. Yes, and sis - raspberries are a fruit
  2. Yes sis let's also rename Cream of Mushroom soup to Cream of Vegetable
  3. You and @Chris (someone who admits they don't like cooking) are the only people who don't care
  4. The REACH @fab We will not stand for this Menstrual rage is different to menstruation, but I'll allow the 0.5 points if flab is given 0.5 too
  5. You're acting like I'm the only one disputing this @Kylie, @Kristina and @Billie Frank all agreed with me too. Stay mad with your scurvy sis
  6. Sounds like a meal @Chris would make, but with no garlic
  7. The only vegetable @fab brought to this answer was himself
  8. Check the Wikipedia page for Mistaken Mushrooms or whatever they were called, it doesn't contain the word 'vegetable' anywhere
  9. Coming with the shonky receipts AGAIN WBK America knows nothing about food when they make shit like this:
  10. "SinCE WHen WerE yoU a BOtanY TEAchER?" - @fab
  11. Wait, isn't @fab actually a teacher?
  12. Because their answer was worth double points, so they get half because they both put the same answer
  13. Mushrooms are a fungus, not a vegetable @fab @Shego
  14. I thought it was one of those preserved skulls
  15. Not me knowing it automatically I feel like I deserve the extra points for pre-existing knowledge
  16. What did you even Google? I thought it would be impossible for anyone else to pick that one
  17. I liked it better when you didn't appropriate my culture
  18. For once I agree with flab, that's a 2 point answer @Shego
  19. @Kristina what the actual fuck Don't tell me you know this obscure 1970s British kids TV show