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  1. @Onika your reputation has never been worse
  2. Game

    I rated it a 1
  3. Game

  4. "@light741 finally discovers a new meme, forum rejoices"
  5. General News

    I'm guessing Somaliland is LaToya
  6. All parts of London have dodgy ends (it doesn't surprise me that you were in one of them )
  7. Same God bless the good sis Whitters but I love a bit of black humour
  8. Sis Camden isn't that bad an area
  9. Discussion

    Why did she ruin ha career with I Wanna Have Your Rabies? Pocketful of Sunshine deserves justice in the UK too
  10. Bitch thought she'd spring from hoodlum music straight to working with Leo Di Caprio I mean really
  11. Discussion

    Oh I always thought it was "all this aggravation ain't satisfaction in me" I remember when everyone dragged Natasha Bedingfield for saying "hyperbole" as "hyper-bowl" in These Words (although I prefer her version tbh) Stevie Nicks uses the Southern phrase "drownding" in a couple of her songs (The Nightmare and Sara), which is kind of cute
  12. My uncle's parakeet from Peru has never even heard of ha
  13. I could do with a follow-up of ha posting a pic of ha medicine cabinet with the caption "I'm starting with the man in the mirror"
  14. Now sis Confide In Me is THAT bitch
  15. Can you imagine how dull this song would have been by Tulisa though? The Britney bitch re-up was iconic, the robotic English vocals were iconic, even will.i.am was iconic for a hot second. Tulisa needs all the money she can get to pay off those drug dealers so sis - cash in. But let's not forget she started in basic chav outfit NDubz, had a sex tape scandal, flopped on the X Factor, released a shitty perfume and was a one-hit wonder who fell into obscurity after The Female Flop. Britney can only partially relate