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  1. Married Daddies Complex is her worst song since Brooklyn Bubbling Under
  2. Modern Woman


    Years later and I'm suddenly interested
  3. Modern Woman

    Can I just say that this is a BOP and the best thing she's released since TEOM
  4. You were so dissapointed by the megarate results that you left for 6 days? moo12

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    2. Modern Woman

      NNNNN like 35 now rip4 

    3. Régine Filange

      And you came back to post me GTFO videos on the replies. ny12

    4. Modern Woman

      Scusi me MoWo call you a valet ny1 

  5. Modern Woman


    I feel like this is a stunt and you're gonna tell us in 5 mins "lol classic Vagine I miscalculated actually Honeymoon was the winner"
  6. Modern Woman


    My pussy tastes like Brooklyn Baby
  7. Modern Woman


    Fucking LOVE winning I
  8. Modern Woman


    You misspelled "satellites"
  9. Modern Woman


    Not the top 2 I was expecting Get Free is cute but it's not old enough to be top 2 yet
  10. Modern Woman


    If we took the shouty man out it would be top 2