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  1. Why is this bitch still a thing

    Salt 'n' Peppa outpaved
  2. Make a caption for this gif

    When it's only midweek but it feels like a decade has passed
  3. Why is this bitch still a thing

    Missy Elliot outsold Or should I say, Missy Elliot sold
  4. General News Country ranking based on WW Reputation

    Imagine if Italy snatched America's wig I-
  5. The difference between Godele and Hitlor...

    What is so special about these albums that cost ££££?
  6. The difference between Godele and Hitlor...

    Thousands of pounds probably
  7. This actress puts pop girls to shame

    She stanned Madonna before it was cool
  8. The difference between Godele and Hitlor...

    I don't know what this part has got to do with the thread but slay a bit sis I need shelves for my CDs
  9. Why hasn't Gaga been able to write an entire record herself?

    Why haven't you?
  10. General News At least 4 dead after gunman ‘randomly picking targets’ goes on shooting rampage in Northern California

  11. Bizarre Italy fails to qualify for World Cup

    I love how this is labelled "Bizarre" because no one on here knows the first thing about sports
  12. Tennis

    Well, since you ask, my favourite tracks are Modern Woman, 10 Minutes 10 Years, Baby Don't Believe and Island Music I love the sound of the last one, like it's being sung by a broken-hearted teen in the bathroom at her high school dance, with the music of the party still playing in the background.
  13. Tennis

    Getting music chat out of you is like blood from a stone.
  14. Tennis

    Fave tracks?
  15. Tennis

    What did you make of the album though?