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  1. No you rancid cunt, it's your line
  2. J.Lo featured a Hip Hop and/or Rap act on almost all of her releases since 2011, and plenty before then, so yes, yes it matters.
  3. Celine Mariah Shania Britney All of these gorls disappeared into the desert and never came back, and now Gaga is cementing her status by setting up her cheap cabaret act in Las Vegas. Can she break the trend and have a hit again? Who will be next? Will Katy be Waking Up In Vegas.mp3 next era?
  4. It's not even his line
  5. I was trolling. Do you understand what BG is?
  6. Don't make it flop by being actively aggressive, either
  7. When it first came out, I called My Silver Lining "Dolly Parton on the French Riviera". I can't stand cuntry music but it's saved by the strings
  8. This is undeniable tea but sis, she hasn't been seen in the top 10 of the charts since I'm Into You (UK) or On The Floor (US)
  9. Also how quickly she went from saying she'd unstan herself if she flopped, to making excuses by implying that her alleged "realness" is what really matters
  10. She kinda failed on all these levels this era though
  11. Game

    Wasn't the video shot to promote a new car, though? I'll give it a 4, slightly below-average Lana song.
  12. Sis don't make this game flop by being a passive-aggressive hoe
  13. I guess a flopping movie career is the next best thing.mp4 to a soon-to-be flopping music career
  14. Achievement

    Only the second half of that first sentence matters