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  1. Modern Woman

    Enya snatch my Celtic wig, kilt and beard just a little bitT sis
  2. Modern Woman

    This was so quick I had to put an advance down on my wig
  3. Modern Woman

    I downvoted because I'm really not here for your style of posting and I really could not be bothered to translate Sylkspeak
  4. Is Brundall really that much of a shitehole? I've never actually been there. It can't be worse than Heartsease or Bowthorpe. Or Norwich-over-the-Water
  5. Modern Woman


    The woo-hoo, wee-hoo noise?
  6. A fellow Blondea stan?
  7. Modern Woman

    @Ariana Grande has been banned for one week for blatant blasphemy #GodIsAMan
  8. Modern Woman


    I The beret The Breton top The scarf And yet they've minimised the French title so that it's almost unreadable I
  9. I didn't even know this show was happening Get that promo, though
  10. Modern Woman


    Bless the Australians, I didn't know they struggled so badly with foreign languages as well
  11. Modern Woman


    JNSPP has never been known as "I Still Love You" in the UK I had to Google what that song was... I thought there was somehow a Kylie top 10 that I'd never heard of
  12. Modern Woman

    The topic is about powerful vocalists = talent, sis. I spoke on that.
  13. Modern Woman

    The lies! The slander! I used to live on the Piccadilly line