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  1. Imagine a single by Post Malone feat. Mariah & Janet
  2. I hope all rent-a-hit rappers go away tbh
  3. You should post more
  4. That doesn't make any sense Streaming and digital sales are at a high, and Britney is no longer a thing. If Glory was released during her peak it probably would have smashed, but that was the physical era. No amount of hypothesising will help you escape Glory's floppage, though
  5. Interesting point, actually - you'd think she'd go into semi-retirement, or at least take a break. Her supporters are saying she's doing Vegas because it's closer to good doctors/home but I guess she really does just live for the Applause.
  6. The only thing Gaga is good at selling out nowadays is herself
  7. The only one of those I've heard of is Quavo I think he featured on an ex-1D sing
  8. If you'd like some recommendations, just hit me up
  9. "No #1s" - yet she has two in the UK Selena and Demi have never been big here and Miley was mostly ignored until Bangerz but then her last album bombed. America isn't everything. Demi and Selena are local to the US and nowadays Miley is local to her own backyard. Meanwhile, Ariana has become a mini-legend after Manchester and OLT re-peaked at #2. Even her flops sell well - LMH (#48) and Focus (#10) went Silver, DW (#17) went Gold and Into You (#14) went Platinum. DW (the album) went to #1 too. I don't even stan ha But these are facts.
  10. I don't care too much about range, but I go in for deep-voiced singers such as John Grant, Stephin Merritt and Rufus Wainwright
  11. Game

    One of the worst from her debut - in hindsight it sounds like a Lana parody. 2.
  12. I--- I thought Migos was one guy I've seen the name but never heard of any of his (their) sings
  13. This. It's hard to be mad at somebody who's irrelevant
  14. I had no idea she did that (I just had to Google.) Not my shade actually making sense
  15. Photos

    I, er... like the sofa