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  1. Modern Woman

    This whole fucking mess I am DONe with this site
  2. Modern Woman

    Read my mind for filth
  3. Modern Woman

    I was going to post that I-
  4. Modern Woman

    New Lil Kim, are we surprised?
  5. Modern Woman

    MKS was such an awkward name. What about poor Heidi?
  6. Modern Woman

    The Gift that stopped giving Didn't even chart in the UK Even though we stan soundtracks lately Homecoming peaked at #25 Last solo top 10 hit was 6 years ago Ha Perfect feature not recognised by the OCC Has to rely on features for relevance on UK radio Except for Hold Up which peaked at #11 - ha first and only solo top 20 hit since 2013 Call me jealous or crazy but she is OVA in the UK
  7. Modern Woman

    Learn me a bitT I had no idea "I woke up like this" was from that song
  8. Modern Woman

    Surely I should be pouring that into my ears I might need it if I have to listen to ROL in full again
  9. Modern Woman

    Turn It Into Love and It's No Secret both snatch though (they weren't released as singles here but probably should have been).
  10. Modern Woman

    Did we live through the same era, because Sketty Perr was overexposed to buggery. The ubiquity was not cute - every new single release was EXHAUSTING (*Taylor vocals*). CG, TD and POM sounded outmoded within a year and looking back they're some of the most basic songs she's ever released - and this is Katy we're talking about I'd wager the only song from that era that'll be remembered is Firework, and that's mainly because it's used as stirring/inspirational background music to corny talent shows
  11. Modern Woman

    I liked for the Katy dragging but cis who is referencing anything from ST these days other than gays on forums nostalgic for times when Bey had hits on the charts
  12. Modern Woman


    She got it https://www.officialcharts.com/charts/albums-chart/
  13. Modern Woman

    Madonna All of her albums are full of filler, even during her peak. Celebration is almost continual slappage and no one needs to investigate beyond the full version of that GH.