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  1. Me IRL I drop everything if I can't find mine
  2. Why is this list coming out now when we still have 2.5 months to go?
  3. Modern Woman

    The song isn't that bad Her live vocals are surprisingly somewhat better than her recorded ones I like the Georgian get-up Not gonna stan, but she isn't dreadful.
  4. Modern Woman

    Music Video

    Was I too kind or too cruel for comparing her to Smellie?
  5. I didn't think anyone would pick up on that reference, but I'm not at all surprised that it was you who did
  6. Not us agreeing about Lana for once "Magnetic poetry kit" When I heard she was working with Jack Antichrist I thought we'd be in for bops a la Lorde (Melodrama was rather Lana-ish in parts...). I didn't expect the album to be 90% filler.
  7. Well, there wasn't much of an excuse for that, sis Also, her boat trip across the Atlantic meant the crew had to fly to New York in order to sail back (IIRC) I think she's an important voice, but unfortunately it's almost impossible to be 100% eco-friendly in the world in which we live.
  8. Modern Woman

    The Nadia Oh shout-out I screamed! Charli XCX's music since Boom Clap makes me want to Jump Out The Window.mp3
  9. Modern Woman

    It debuted and peaked at #2 in the UK last week, and now it's at #12 Seems it got a lot of fans streaming just to hear it in the first week, and now they're not here for it.
  10. Modern Woman

    Didn't she promote period pads a few years back?
  11. Modern Woman

    Music Video

    It sounds like a top 30 hit from 2008 Or an Ellie Goulding album track. In short, it's no AWTD.
  12. Modern Woman


    What a way to put it, but I can't disagree There are still CollXtion elements, though - the "no!" puts me in mind of Bitch and the chorus has very on-brand vocals with the stretched out "my" and "die".
  13. ALMA really will feature on anything, won't she?
  14. Modern Woman


    I stand tf corrected