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  1. Sleep Deprived

    You must be talking about either Britney or Xtinct. Both wiped out so early in the new Millenium
  2. Sleep Deprived

    Let's face it, all of the faves have already had theirs When was yours? What was it like? Will they ever have another? Who will have one next?
  3. Sleep Deprived


    No she wouldn't, she would snap constantly and @ her child on Twitter with sassy comments. Every time it asked her "When's R9 dinner ready?" and "do you love me, mother?" she'd say something like "Eat this eye shadow palette, bitch" and "good luck getting that love you speak of".
  4. Sleep Deprived


    Not your hearing, that's for sure
  5. Sleep Deprived


    Still not entirely clear who you're talking about
  6. "Lost" Amongst all this forum action? It should be pinned to the front page as a hot topic.
  7. The gasping The bumblebee in Canada outfit The Dr Luke connexions
  8. Sleep Deprived


    The woman in white on the right-hand side looking lost and alone with her puckered boobs
  9. But we're not allowed to have an album thread until there's an official release date And with Gags, who knows when that might be?
  10. Sleep Deprived


    At first I thought you meant Feminem And I was like, sis, he ain't been Slim Shady for 20 years now
  11. Suddenly we're Flop of the Poppers
  12. Since when did Patti no-hits Labelle become so desired on this forum?
  13. Sleep Deprived

    Because of this thread, I had "bon-a, bon appetit, baby" in my head all day Then I heard Yummy on the way back from work
  14. Surely he'd only get a cut of the 10%, as the rest of his... "song"... is completely different. Seeing as Billboard counts Youtube views, it's actually great promo for him even if he loses