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  1. Sleep Deprived


    Lizzo Part 2 heauxs: I can imagine this being a top 3 smash for Alesha Dixon back in 2008
  2. Sleep Deprived

  3. Sleep Deprived

    It's the hand
  4. I just love the way this pigeon clip has been shot like a dramatic telenovela rip3


    1. Madonna

      baby pigeons are SO fucking UGLY wow.

    2. Chris Morlock

      Baby birds are adorable wtf

  5. Sleep Deprived


    Liz finding a random location on an atlas that scans
  6. Sleep Deprived

    Caroline Polacheck with SHYHMF
  7. Sleep Deprived

    An Offkeylie Minogue stan getting fresh about vocals
  8. More entertaining than the Official Video
  9. Sleep Deprived

    Website: Passwords require a mix of upper and lowercase characters Ariana: thankunext Website: There was an error saving your new password
  10. Sleep Deprived


    I love the strings, but the chorus is weak
  11. Just came across this and came here to post it. It fits so well
  12. Sleep Deprived


    The Cloudbusting cover that sounds like it's gonna turn into this: Awful
  13. Sleep Deprived


    True! I forced myself to listen to RITD when it came on the radio the other day and forgot how much of a bop it was. But my instant reaction to the opening bars of any of these songs is to skip/delete