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  1. Im the queen of flops im releasing this new album if im luvky it will sell 100 copies that’s definitely more than artflop

    1. Kristina


      Please don’t troll or shade artists outside of Battlegrounds.

  2. Britney is free slayyyyy

  3. She only sold a million copies in a week in the us with bts because it was really inexpenisve i think its a poor quality dance rock album marketed towards the lgbtqia+ community. Thats’s why its only 4x platinum and has been out for over 10 years. I do enjoy Artpop however gaga had a lot of things working against her. Her former manager troy carter left days before its release. I think that could’ve been because gaga was focusing on the artistic aspects of the album but her former manger wanted to focus on the commercial aspect. Do what u want ft. R Kelly with Kelly’s criminal record of you kn