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  1. i mean, now i know she has an album out and i'll give it a listen i guess.
  2. Ok I was trying to be cute because I thought you'd all be dragging this album, but after reading these delusional comments (album of the year, bitch???!) I'm going to speak my mind. It was hot trash, absolute garbage. Worst Taylor Swift album ever, and that's saying something because Reputation was horrendous. Anyone who likes this album should not be trusted behind the wheel.
  3. Don't wanna flunk her so I'll give her an E for Effort.
  4. are bi's gay? is gay synonymous with queer?
  5. If she actually started releasing albums then maybe that claim would have a leg to stand on...
  6. Nicki is so delusional and psychotic. When you have beef with everyone maybe you're the problem
  7. It's giving PR. I think he's gay and in a long term relationship with a man his age but is using these girls as beards
  8. I'm crying. Azealia Banks is the funniest, most chaotic person ever
  9. Britney needs to learn how to stop oversharing on social media
  10. There are also capitalists (Trump supporting Jan 6th type right wing supremacists)
  11. thats what he deserves for not releasing new body. he is a whole clown but she's not any better tbh