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  1. Are you selling the feb 1 tickets ? 😱
  2. Did you get a mail as well? Because my boyfriend didn't receive one...
  3. I got an e-mail that I'm on the waiting list for the London show. Hopefully I have more luck with my Paris date
  4. Hopefully she will release a new album at the end of the year.
  5. RoleModel


    I'm home waiting for it to get released
  6. RoleModel

    From little girl trying to make it as a dancer in NY to queen of pop...
  7. Madame Xpensive. I like the idea but those tickets are so expensive. And the idea of me probably not seeing this tour makes me sad.
  8. RoleModel

    Celeb News

    The glastonbury one will probably get broadcasted. And the Werchter one possibly as well (or at least some songs)
  9. RoleModel


    Music vs American Life Impressive Instant vs Hollywood Runaway Lover vs I'm So Stupid I Deserve It vs Love Profusion Amazing vs Nobody Knows Me Nobody's Perfect vs Nothing Fails Don't Tell Me vs Intervention What It Feels Like For A Girl vs X-Static Process Paradise (Not For Me) vs Mother and Father Gone vs Die Another Day American Pie vs Easy Ride
  10. RoleModel

    Didn't madonna use a marching band during her superbowl performance? And somebody else probably used it before as well.
  11. RoleModel

    She copied Beyonce her homecoming performance in this one! Let's drag her beyhive
  12. RoleModel


    I played it for my BF and he liked it. He said it's way better than Medellin because she doesn't sound like a robot
  13. RoleModel

    Britney Spears
  14. RoleModel


    I like it! This is the madonna I wanna hear. Will we get a music video for this?
  15. RoleModel


    Madonna - Physical Attraction Like A Virgin - Over and Over True Blue - Where's the Party Like A Prayer - Spanish Eyes Erotica - Thief of Hearts Bedtime Stories - Forbidden Love Ray of Light - Sky Fits Heaven Music - Paradise (Not For Me) American Life - Easy Ride Confessions on a Dancefloor - Isaac Hard Candy - Heartbeat MDNA - I'm addicted Rebel Heart - Devil Pray