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  1. RoleModel


    Golden Christmas Xtra Festive
  2. RoleModel

    Celeb News

    I need to go to Werchter Festival again! P!nk, Kylie and Florence and the Machine at one festival!
  3. I have the best possible boyfriend. I was complaining about Robyn not coming to Belgium on her tour and he said let's go on a citytrip to Amsterdam if you really want. 

  4. RoleModel


    It should have been released a year earlier
  5. RoleModel

    I'm jealous
  6. RoleModel

    Music Video

    Never mind.
  7. imagine that with some instruments in the background
  8. wondering who will be the star she's dancing with...
  9. RoleModel

    Very underrated song!
  10. RoleModel

    I know the feeling hopefully Europe is next
  11. RoleModel

    Dates Leg 1: AUSTRALIA & NZ Leg 2: NORTH AMERICA
  12. RoleModel

    Mariah can't sell out one arena in Europe/UK