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  1. Bigger and more remember today?

    Vogue - Yes I Will Always Love You - yes My Heart Will Go On - definitely Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - maybe R.E.S.P.E.C.T - don't know it so i say no All I Want For Christmas Is You -Yes Hit Me Baby One More Time -Yes Beautiful - No
  2. Album Gwen Stefani | You Make It Feel Like Christmas | October 6th, 2017

  3. Discussion Trinity from Reputation?

    Ready For It, I Did Something Bad and Getaway Car
  4. Event The Reputation Stadium Tour | North America announced

    I don't like concerts in stadiums...
  5. Discussion Better Than Hung Up...

    Isaac // tread

    Where's Time Will Pass You By?
  7. Beautiful Trauma vs. The Truth About Love

    1. Beautiful Trauma vs. Are We All We Are 2. Revenge vs. Blow Me (One Last Kiss) 3. Whatever You Want vs. Try 4. What About Us vs. Just Give Me A Reason 5. But We Lost It vs. True Love 6. Barbies vs. How Come You're Not Here (both in my top 3 of each album and i couldn't decide ) 7. Where We Go vs. Slut Like You 8. For Now vs. The Truth About Love 9. Secrets vs. Beam Me Up 10. Better Life vs. Walk of Shame 11. I Am here vs. Here Comes the Weekend 12. Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken vs. Where Did the Beat Go 13. You Get My Love vs. The Great Escape Total... Beautiful Trauma: 8 The Truth About Love: 6
  8. Which Madonna song are you listening to?

    Forbidden love (bedtime stories)
  9. Other Just discovered this song

    Such a magical song
  10. Younger Now +/- Game

    1. Younger Now 50 2. Malibu 50 3. Rainbowland 40 4. Miss You So Much 60 5. Week Without You 50 6. I Would Die For You 40 7. Thinkin' 50 8. Bad Mood 55 9. Love Someone 55 10. She's Not Him 60 11. Inspired 45
  11. Game Rate The Song - Madonna Edition

  12. Ask me my honest opinion about an artist

    Miley Cyrus Lorde Solange
  13. Game Rate The Song - Madonna Edition

  14. Game Rate The Song - Madonna Edition

  15. Celeb News Christina being considered for Super Bowl Halftime 2018!!!

    First the Video Vanguard Award and now the Super Bowl, watch P!nk snatch this gig as well