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  1. RoleModel


    1. Girl Gone Wild 2. I'm Addicted 3. Rebel Heart 4. Iconic 5. Unapologetic Bitch 6. Living For Love 7. Devil Pray 8. Body Shop 9. Heartbreak City 10. Beautiful Killer
  2. Camila will probably perform Havana? What else can she perform? Sangria Wine? Janelle will deliver the best performance for sure.
  3. RoleModel


    Beautiful Stranger
  4. RoleModel


    1. The Monster Ball 2.0 2. Joanne World Tour 3. Enigma 4. Roseland Ballroom 5. The Fame Ball 6. artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball 7. Born This Way Ball
  5. Same but weren't physical formats way cheaper back then?
  6. RoleModel


    I think "Sorry" by Madonna when I was 10/11.
  7. I wish it was like in the nineties. You had to go to the store the day of the release if you wanted to hear it on the day of release... it must have been way more fun back in the time.
  8. RoleModel


    Started: Mariah Carey and the stunning, talented and fabulous Janelle Monáe Stopped: Nicki Minaj is getting close. I hope she cancels her tour because I have a ticket. I want to sell it but nobody wants to buy it and I want my money back
  9. RoleModel

    Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)
  10. RoleModel


    Golden Christmas Xtra Festive
  11. RoleModel

    Celeb News

    I need to go to Werchter Festival again! P!nk, Kylie and Florence and the Machine at one festival!
  12. I have the best possible boyfriend. I was complaining about Robyn not coming to Belgium on her tour and he said let's go on a citytrip to Amsterdam if you really want. 

  13. RoleModel


    It should have been released a year earlier
  14. RoleModel

    I'm jealous
  15. RoleModel

    Music Video

    Never mind.