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  1. post a new video today, hope y'all like it <3
  2. I try to do sum diff this time hope u guys like it and sorry for any mistakes, especially since my voice changed, and I was kinda raspy in this video
  3. hope u guys like it my hype boy dance cover
  4. hey besties, i post a new video today singing tally by blackpink
  5.  she so real for that




  6. hello besties <3 I'm back so... hope u guys like it my new cover (btw lol sorry for these expressions in this video)
  7. hello babies, I'm back hope u guys, anyways I kinda rusty bc it's my first time recording a video in like 1 month, and while I was recording this video I was a Lil sick, but anyways hope u guys like it <3
  8. I love the album, shut down, PV, y3x, typa girl, and the happiest girl H2L are my favs I love the fact that Natalia kills composed THG