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  1. hello y'all, i did a demo kinda 2000s vibe 

    bittersweet is very ambiguous to be honest, for me (who wrote it) talks about a relationship in which someone is going downhill and the other after many attempts to help, gets tired and gives up on the relationship, and now just seeing the person sinking without interfering anymore


  2. "Scanned" the last chapter of the trilogy, when the obsessions become unbearable, happens a tragedy. when your love becomes an obsession and you become blind to the truth, not only that you want to possess the person in a level you want to become them. now you steal his career, fashion, voice, and soul, "you became him" 



  3. "Paper Hair" it's a drum n bass track, track that uses hair as metaphor to detach yourself from false places and ideas or people (paper hair) to grow into yourself and recognize and let yourself shine and be you (real hair)



  4. i did my first dance performance, I'm so glad and happy about this opportunity

    (sorry for the bad quality & I'm the red hair one)



  5. yan's thought (interlude) 



  6. what if "Keeps Gettin' Better & Womanizer had a baby?" 



    "'DFL" is a demo track inspired by the late 2000s electropop music (especially Womanizer by Britney Spears & and Keeps Getiin' Better by Christina Aguilera) the track talks about the feeling of being desperate for someone, for love, that won't fulfill your void, cause you looking for something that's inside of you not in someone else, as because of that you are falling places that you shouldn't rely on, beat by maxxbeats, lyrics, melody and mixing vocal by me.

  7. did I ate or did I flop? (I try to do as much  as close as possible this radio promo like the artists did back in the day) 



  8. "Sinful Thing" is an R&B hip hop demo track reminiscent of Timabalnd's early works in the early 2000s, especially Aaliyah, the demo track is a point of view of the cheater, how they don't give an f, about what they are doing, cause they love the chaos lol, I'm releasing this demo under my alter-ego "Nay" it's beat by wakeupzuzi and lyrics/ melody and mixing by me. credits to Jeffrey Almonte the final sample




  9. i redid my ever first demo song, in the comemoration of 1 year!!!! hope y'all like it




  10. hi y'all, what if "ABCDEFU" by Gayle was produced by Timbaland and Danja in the late 2000s 


  11. i did a demo song talking about youth (or trying to, but a youth that is damaging)



  12. hope y'all like it my new cover <3
  13. new demo track, inspired by New Jeans/ Uk Garage/ Pink Pantheress