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  1. When we pull up you know that it's a shutdown



  2. so.  I open an account on SoundCloud to post some demos or some songs that I write (the demos that I post the vocal quality are not that good, it's very amateur, but it's a demo I did more for fun, but...) hope u guys like it (btw I know that the audio is not that good it's very amateur and the vocals are not that good, but anyways hope u guys like it) btw I composed all these songs by myself, throughout  the days (and conformed writing more songs) I'll post more on SoundCloud, i already post 3 demos there



  3. hi, my butterflies <3 hope u guys like it my new cover, and sorry for any mistakes <3
  4. you got me looking for attention



  5. I post a new cover today, hope u guys like it <3
  6. AOTY. 



  7. the bridge it's so good, can't wait to their comeback
  9. You bad mouth every friend that you have
    And I know it for a fact 'cause they call you out by name
    Fucked up every dream that you had with the scenes and the fads
    Baby, you just look so lame
    You try to repair what you broke
    But you slipped up again and you ran away back home
    Now you have nobody to turn to
    I think that you belong alone




  10. hope y'all like my new cover, it's my first time doing a kpop vocal cover (By the way, the audio isn't glitching, I just match 2 audios of my voices to see how they will sound, and I like it so I post it)
  11. I love this position remix



  12. I'm back!!! and I post a new video, hope u guys like it, and sorry for any mistakes
  13.  a bop



  14. so they are videos of me singing to warm up my voice after some warm-ups exercises I was here da beyoncé damaged do Danity Kane give me a heart a break da demi Lovato (this one is not the best one, but hope y'all like it)
  15. SUNMI PRETTY GIRL!!!!!!!!!






    1. Chris


      wdym they havent released anything since the Japan edition of THE ALBUM mad5 

    2. Princess Aurora
    3. yan


      @Chris bc yg confirmed the comeback (i hope that now it's true) cry9



  17. hope u guys like it my new cover that i did for fun so sorry for any mistakes <3
  18. i love this cute animals gif