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  1. Oopsie, I was asleep (I'm french) ! I'll try to check the replay asap !
  2. Honestly, I wasn't a massive fan of her - to start with. However my boyfriend is relatively quite obsessed to her and I learned to like her as an artist. Familia is an overall interesting project with latin influenced even though there is some sensual pure pop songs on it - such as quiet, psychofreak to name a few. For me, La Buena Vida is a career highlight tbh.
  3. Yes, I'm relatively new ahah. Been following both for a while now. Tysm sweety !
  4. Omfg yes !!! Can't wait to see her perform. Will she perform new songs ?
  5. Björk, the wonderful, talented and experimental Queen of Pop appeared at the premiere of The Northman, a movie in which she is starring and wich which will be released next month. Remember that it is not the only time that we were able to see her onscreen, since she already played in Lars Von Trier's Dancer in the Dark but also in a quite experimental movie made titled Drawing Restraint 9, made by her then-husband Matthew Barney. What do you think how this new look ? In your opinion, will it be her new aesthetic for the next album ?
  6. I'm honestly quite intrigued and hyped by her new direction. She delivered pretty solid and cohesive pop electronic songs throughout her career and I just feel that she needed to change things up a bit. I love her sm.
  7. I keep praying, manifesting, etc but nothing is happening... Yet. I just need it in my life.
  8. I've been listening to a lot of Madonna's songs recently (especially the ones that she released throughout the 90s) and I just can't get over the fact that Erotica must be one of her most influential, yet controversial, album ever made. Even the demos are groundbreaking. Waiting is my favorite song on the record ig.