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  1. Taschens

    People on this website don't come for Xtina, they come for Agugaga and his delusional bullshit. If it weren't for him Xtina wouldn't be the punching bag of FOTP.
  2. Taschens


    If you pay attention you can hear a man singing throughout the whole song. It's not only "she" who is hurting "him", is in both ways. Anyway, you don't like the song that's fine.
  3. Taschens


    Ok that explains it all. I get that the song might seem a little bit sensitive to you, however you are taking it that way because of your personal background. I've never been in a toxic relationship, maybe that's the reason for me is just a song that speaks about a couple with some struggles but, despite that they love each other. It's obvious that the song is personal to Xtina, and that doesn't mean she's abusive or in a toxic relationship with Matt.
  4. Taschens


    What? I don't get that from Deserve.... Don't you think that maybe you are projecting your personal experiences in the song?
  5. Taschens


    OMG Why are you taking the song so literal? Why are you so butthurt about it? I don't get it.
  6. Taschens


    Because the lyrics are relatable... the song is just about a normal couple that love each other no matter what, even if they fight over nonsense or say mean things. Jezz don't take it so personal.
  7. Taschens

    You really are one of a kind...honestly I don't know if you're just trolling, which is fine, or you are just a moron.
  8. Taschens


    It is what is is She can do better than those songs.
  9. Taschens


    ... I'm not kidding, I feel it doesn't fit at all with the rest of the album. Deserve slays tho, my favorite song of Liberation
  10. Taschens


    I don't know if is just me but I feel like Sick of Sittin kills the chill and mellow vibe of the album... That song belongs to Lotus.
  11. Taschens


    This song next to Sick of sittin' are my least favorite songs from the album... The rest is flawless.
  12. Taschens

    Xtina's impact
  13. Taschens

    And this is in BG because ???....
  14. Taschens

    It's good... overall an improvement over Lettuce However, some songs are kinda weak, mostly the intro and interludes, they are are sooo unnecessary