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  1. Taschens

  2. ....but, but FIL didn't have a radio deal and despite that managed to top the bubbling under hot 100, so #XtinaWon PS. Liberation sold 32 copies this week ww #TalentAlwaysWins
  3. Taschens

    But Xtina is more global
  4. Taschens

    Oh no poor innocent Britney! Madonna is clearly a monster
  5. Taschens

    We stan a true legend sis!
  6. Xtina obliterating our faves since 1999 Get that exposure Xtina! Being played in Britney's concert is the only way she has the chance to be seen in front of 25,000 people on a stage. Liberation 5K theater tour could never. #JusticeForLiberationTour #XtinaWon
  7. Taschens

    Britney's music has the most meaning of them all. Lyrically, she's the most diverse and the ONLY FOTP fave who has addressed impactful topics such as slavery with I'm a Slave 4 U, domestic violence with Hit Me Baby One More Time and animal cruelty with Circus. Your faves could never.
  8. Taschens

    You talking about deluded stans? oh the irony!!! Instead of focusing on Britney, why don't you talk us about Liberation's impact around the world.... How many copies sold in Fiji last week? What about the worldwide smash "Fall In Line", for how many weeks the song has been smashing the BB Hot 100 since it was released? I'm honestly curious
  9. Taschens

    Overall it's ok, it has some good songs. The thing is I haven't listened to it since it was released I guess that happens when you aren't out there promoting your work and even forget about it like Xtina did, it's not that difficult to understand why everyone (including most of her fans) didn't give a flying fuck.
  10. Taschens

    I'm too lazy to do it
  11. My fave can't even hold her mic properly to hide her lip sync, let alone hold a note. But I'm fine with it.
  12. Taschens

    You are wrong! FIL it's a sleeper hit!!! It will outpeak and outlast every lead single by a female artist released this year. It's obvious that RCA and Xtina's strategy is to build up the single strong and slowly. It will explode on the radio!!! Xtina Won!! Britney could never!!! PS. Xtina sold another 57 copies of Liberation in Tuvalu this week #WorldwideQueen. ----- Did I did it right dear sis @Agugaga?
  13. Taschens

    -- Let's expect this time he won't hide inside his cave like he always does when he is proved wrong.
  14. Taschens

    @Agugaga Why don't you talk us about what happened to FIL? I though you vehemently stated that it was going to be a hit in the long term? You where shoving it in everyone's faces when it reached no. 1 for like 5 minutes in iTunes and had the nerve to predict it was going to out peak and out perform all of Britney's latest singles. What happened sis? NO RADIO DEAL EXCUSES For once, I expect you not to be a coward and evade facts.