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  1. Taschens

    not necessarily, he just had the hair and the looks.
  2. Taschens

    As far as I remember he was a Pauly D impersonator
  3. Can you please enlighten us how is she suddenly a touring force????? If, according to tour standards, Xtina is now a touring force, Britney is actually a touring mega force, right? I mean Britney is the one who has been performing non-stop since the Femme Fatale tour at the beginning of this decade, the POM residency and its world tours... What's the tea Agutard? Are you gonna hide in your cave like you always do when you are proven wrong or you are just going to admit defeat?
  4. Gurl, in what kind of twisted and deluded world you live in?
  5. Agutard was left scalped after this post.
  6. Taschens

    you forgot the timeless classics Feel This Moment and Say Something! She does an incredible job as a backup singer in those songs!
  7. Taschens

    it's called desire to see Xtina dragged
  8. Taschens

    Do you mean just like Bionic, Lotus and Liberation ended after less than a week out?
  9. Taschens

    Thank you for making this place a lot funnier (and delusional), you really are a Christmas miracle.