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  1. Taschens

    you forgot the timeless classics Feel This Moment and Say Something! She does an incredible job as a backup singer in those songs!
  2. Taschens

    it's called desire to see Xtina dragged
  3. Taschens

    Do you mean just like Bionic, Lotus and Liberation ended after less than a week out?
  4. Taschens

    Thank you for making this place a lot funnier (and delusional), you really are a Christmas miracle.
  5. Taschens

    Sure honey, while you're at it why don't you count her oreo commercials, Lettuce, and Masterclass lessons as iconic.. Legend X only!!! our faves could never!!!!
  6. Taschens

    It's clear (and funny) how you struggled to find the 2007 and 2011 so called "iconic" moments.
  7. Taschens

    This thread is hilarious!!! Despite proved wrong, all I see is Agu in denial, seething and being scalped by everyone... even the Xtina stans agree that Britney is the bigger star. Someone is really MAD
  8. Taschens

    The backfire of this thread is the thing that is really embarrassing
  9. Taschens


    Congrats Xtina I hope Like I Do wins.
  10. Taschens

    I think he is promoting Little Mix
  11. Taschens

    Well at least they have a recurrent hit they can always bop to every year until the end of time... when will our faves?