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  1. Shit you are so wrong that I don't know where to start
  2. really? is that all you have to say? I'm not surprised tbh. Go on, keep on fuming about a woman more successful than you.....
  3. She/he's pressed that a "dead girl and a meth addict" is happier, richer and more successful than him/her.
  4. Oh the IRONY of your own words. Who is the one who made this thread (and countless others) trying to downplay Britney? yes you were. You are the insecure one don't get it twisted. Now get the fuck out of here.
  5. what? Honestly, are you just trolling? are you being delusional? or just stupid? please answer. As "iconic" as Dirrty is, IAS4U is always being referenced as one of the pop staples of the early 00's and its VMA performance is one of the most iconic MTV moments in all history. Don't believe me? just see all the celebs who emulated or were influenced by Britney's IAS4U look all these years (and counting)... LOL at you celebrating ONE Kardashian look. Sorry babe, yes Xtina is talented and certainly has been successful, but Britney is the one who is commonly listed as the POP CULTURE ICON of the late 90's/early 00's. Literally all of the pop girls that came after Britney (even your beloved Xtina) were modeled after her. Get it? now grow the fuck up, accept it and MOVE ON.
  6. Yet according to @Agugaga Xtina is the one and only who influenced everyone in the industry while Britney is a non-factor and a second fiddle. However who is the one who is always cited as a POP CULTURE ICON?
  7. LOL, the reach. What are those 3 HUGE worldwide hits you talk about? you talk about features? OK, when was the last the she had a STAND ALONE hit? When was the last time she hit number 1 in the radio all by herself? No features, no appearing on someone else's song, just her and a song from one of her albums... Go ahead, answer. Give me just one REAL hit. I'm not trying to diminish the success she accomplished so far in her career, but don't even try to make her look like she's above Britney, when she's not.
  8. Billboard's "Artist of the Decade" list - 2000's 1. BEYONCE 2. ALICIA KEYS 3. BRITNEY SPEARS 4. MARIAH CAREY 5. PINK 6. RIHANNA 7. CHRISTINA AGUILERA ... Yet, they said Xtina is "obviously" the most successful, streamed and remembered! Oh the stupidity.
  9. this
  10. I know! I can smell his of her SEETHING ass miles away, POOR HA. Yass!
  11. No, wait!!!! Christina is "obviously" the "most successful" of all of them! She and her greatest hits are the most streamed!! She obviously is the "most relevant"!!! let me "CLOCK YOU" with my KWORB figures!!! hahahaha
  12. I don't expect you to take me seriously, as a matter in fact I couldn't care less about your opinion. Keep talking about those Kworb "facts", truth is Britney is the one who obliterated Xtina's career, EVERYBODY knows that. It must BURN YOU inside that someone "less talented" outperformed your "more talented" fave, POOR YOU. Having said that, I'm not wasting my time anymore talking with you, it is literally pointless to talk with your pressed ass and lame facts. Regarding this subject, I'M finishing this conversation. PERIOD.