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  1. Act I 1. ... Ready For It? 2. Cruel Summer 3. False God 4. Cornelia Street 5. Wildest Dreams 6. Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince 7. So It Goes... Act II 8. Look What You Made Me Do 9. I Knew You Were Trouble 10. I Did Something Bad 11. Bad Blood 12. This is Why We can’t Have Nice Things 13. All You Had to Do Was Stay 14. Don’t Blame Me Act III 15. Delicate 16. End Game 17. ME! 18. I Know Places 19. It’s Nice to Have a Friend 20. Shake It Off Act IV 21. Out of the Woods 22. Lover 23. The Archer 24. You Need To Calm Down
  2. YannG


    If anyone has a working link, taking it :-) Been waiting for it for so long now hehe
  3. YannG


    Never been a big fan of her before but I was truly sorry for her. Can say I really love that song and the message behind. That is the music that inspires people to get better and I thank her for this amazing piece of music
  4. YannG


    I'd go for a Coachella inspired set : 1. Scheisse 2. Perfect Illusion 3. John Wayne 4. Just Dance --------------------- 5. Born This Way 6. Venus 7. Paparazzi 8. Dancin in Circles --------------------- 9. Heavy Metal Lover 10. A-Yo 11. Do What U Want ---------------------- 12. The Cure 13. Million Reasons 14. Angel Down 15. The Edge Of Glory ----------------------- 16. Bad Romance 17. Dance In The Dark 18. Diamond Heart ------------------------ (this interlude most likely the Applause interlude from Coachella) 19. Poker Face 20. Alejandro 21. Marry The Night
  5. 1. A-Yo 2. Poker Face 3. Bad Romance 4. Born This Way 5. Alejandro 6. Just Dance 7. The Edge Of Glory 8. Angel Down
  6. YannG

    1. Marry The Night 2. Venus 3. Just Dance Interlude 4. Government Hooker 5. Lovegame 6. Sexxx Dreams Interlude 7. Dance In The Dark 8. Donatella 9. Telephone 10. Jewels and Drugs 11. Paparazzi ( Demolition Crew Remix) 12.MANiCURE Speech 13. You and I 14. Dope Interlude 15. Heavy Metal Lover 16. Mary Jane Holland 17.Alejandro Interlude 18. Aura 19. Scheisse 20. G.U.Y 21. Poker Face 22. Bad Romance 23. Born This Way Interlude 24. Fashion! 25. So Happy I Could Die 26. Do What U Want 27. Artpop Encore 28. The Edge of Glory 29. Gypsy 30. Applause Probably too long to be real....
  7. YannG

    I'm on my laptot... A mac so i just go on itunes?
  8. YannG

    Do you know where I can watch it live since i live in Switzerland? i caaaaaaaaaan't miss it
  9. I really hope I Sing the Body Electric will be the lead single! I'm dying to hear the studio version of this masterpiece!
  10. Remember the first leg of The Monster ball in North America... It was just okay... But she totally changed the show and we saw this amazing Monster Ball everyone was talking about! I think she can still surprise us. Stay faithful!