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  1. I must say I’ve never listened to one of her album in full before but this one I did and I am happy I did. It is really good and on 19 songs only 2 did not really catch me. Quality work! Well done Demi!
  2. Is this still being released today or what?
  3. the 1 vs. Willow Cardigan vs. Champagne Problems The Last Great American Dynasty vs. Gold Rush Exile vs. 'Tis The Damn Season My Tears Ricochet vs. Tolerate It Mirrorball vs. No Body, No Crime Seven vs. Happiness August vs. Dorothea This Is Me Trying vs. Coney Island Illicit Affairs vs. Ivy Invisible String vs. Cowboy Like Me Mad Woman vs. Long Story Short Epiphany vs. Marjorie Betty vs. Closure Peace vs. Evermore hoax vs. right where you left me the lakes vs. it's time to go Folklore: 9 Evermore: 8 that being said... there are so many that are ties. The 1 and
  4. right where you left me is soooo catchy! Don’t understand how it did not make the cut on the regular version of the record
  5. I am too. Grew up with that hahah. I need a full 3rd listen. That being said, I am blown by Sine From Above.... this is one of the best song this year for me. I did not expect that mindblowing piece truly.
  6. Altogether I do :-) piece by piece, there are some generic sounds. But the album sounds cohesive with standouts. It’s a good pure pop album
  7. After 2 full listens, I was overall caught off guards from the non-stop dancing album it is, but here is the ranking: 1. Sine from Above: 10/10. When I saw a duet with Elton i thought « meeeeh » ... but I was not expecting this at all and I love it... never thought I would put this one on top but here it is. The « lose myself tonight » vibe and their vocals together, mama mia! 2. Chromatica I/Alice: 10/10. What an intro.... love love love. You get the tone, you get the emotion, that’s the way to start a record. Too short though 3. Enigma: 9/10. I just think it’s the mos
  8. Anyone has a link for me? :-)
  9. First listen got me off guard. Reading the meaning of the song, I knew it would be a dear song to me cause I lived through this “ alcohol to numb me” phase... Not disappointed at all in the end. Been playing in my head all day and for such an emotional piece for both of them, I just love the “happy” and upbeat tone they gave. It obviously cannot and will not please everyone’s taste but it’s a bold move to come with such sensitive topics and present it to the world that way and it only deserves respect! That being said I am so pleased and love the song and I can only be thankful, once
  10. Cannot really vote. Like much of my Madonna’s favorite, it is a moody record and I haven’t paid much attention to it lately. I would say that it is def not milk, but one of those great wines that you appreciate from times to times when it is the right occasion
  11. Act I 1. ... Ready For It? 2. Cruel Summer 3. False God 4. Cornelia Street 5. Wildest Dreams 6. Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince 7. So It Goes... Act II 8. Look What You Made Me Do 9. I Knew You Were Trouble 10. I Did Something Bad 11. Bad Blood 12. This is Why We can’t Have Nice Things 13. All You Had to Do Was Stay 14. Don’t Blame Me Act III 15. Delicate 16. End Game 17. ME! 18. I Know Places 19. It’s Nice to Have a Friend 20. Shake It Off Act IV
  12. 1. The greatest: everything is in the title, it’s the best of Lana. 2. Cinnamon Girl: the vocals, the lyrics mhhhhh love it 3. Mariners Apartment Complex: loved it from the first listen and does not grow old 4. The Next Best American Record: tricky as I replaced the album version with the much better “demo” one. But yeah just too good! 5. Fuck it I love You: wasn’t impressed on first listen but it becomes very addictive after a few listens. 6. California: i actually love the verses and the late part of the chorus. 7. Norman Fucking Rockwell: catchy and cute. Aw
  13. Madonna: Lucky Star Like a Virgin: Like a Virgin True Blue: Live To Tell Like a Prayer: Like a Prayer Erotica: Waiting Bedtime Stories: Survival Ray of Light: Frozen Music: What it feels like for a Girl American Life: X-Static Process Confessions on a Dance Floor: Jump Hard Candy: 4 Minutes MDNA: Gang Bang Rebel Heart: Hold Tight Madame X: God Control