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  1. After a good week of daily, (and when I say daily it’s more than once a day ) listening to the entire project, I’m safe to say that would rank it that way: 1. Alien Superstar 2. Heated 3. All Up In Your Mind 4. Summer Renaissance 5. Pure/Honey 6. Church Girl 7. Cuff It 8. America Has a Problem 9. I’m That Girl 10. Cozy 11. Thique 12. Plastic Off The Sofa 13. Move 14. Virgo’s Groove 15. Break My Soul 16. Energy
  2. Was scared with the first 2 singles but it turns out as good as usual with them! They really know how to make good music
  3. Just love the overall vibe of this album! Def a contender for 2022 AOTY!
  4. I must say I’ve never listened to one of her album in full before but this one I did and I am happy I did. It is really good and on 19 songs only 2 did not really catch me. Quality work! Well done Demi!
  5. Is this still being released today or what?
  6. the 1 vs. Willow Cardigan vs. Champagne Problems The Last Great American Dynasty vs. Gold Rush Exile vs. 'Tis The Damn Season My Tears Ricochet vs. Tolerate It Mirrorball vs. No Body, No Crime Seven vs. Happiness August vs. Dorothea This Is Me Trying vs. Coney Island Illicit Affairs vs. Ivy Invisible String vs. Cowboy Like Me Mad Woman vs. Long Story Short Epiphany vs. Marjorie Betty vs. Closure Peace vs. Evermore hoax vs. right where you left me the lakes vs. it's time to go Folklore: 9 Evermore: 8 that being said... there are so many that are ties. The 1 and
  7. right where you left me is soooo catchy! Don’t understand how it did not make the cut on the regular version of the record
  8. Act I 1. ... Ready For It? 2. Cruel Summer 3. False God 4. Cornelia Street 5. Wildest Dreams 6. Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince 7. So It Goes... Act II 8. Look What You Made Me Do 9. I Knew You Were Trouble 10. I Did Something Bad 11. Bad Blood 12. This is Why We can’t Have Nice Things 13. All You Had to Do Was Stay 14. Don’t Blame Me Act III 15. Delicate 16. End Game 17. ME! 18. I Know Places 19. It’s Nice to Have a Friend 20. Shake It Off Act IV
  9. I found the album too long actually.... and so, all the songs together were not really coherent. Chose to cut some of my least favourite and this gives me: 1. Witness 2. Power 3. Act My Age 4. Swish Swish 5. Save As Draft 6. Miss You More 7. Rise 8. Mind Maze 9. Bigger Than Me 10. Dance With The Devil 11. Hey Hey Hey 12. Chained To The Rhythm 13. Into Me You See
  10. I'd go for a Coachella inspired set : 1. Scheisse 2. Perfect Illusion 3. John Wayne 4. Just Dance --------------------- 5. Born This Way 6. Venus 7. Paparazzi 8. Dancin in Circles --------------------- 9. Heavy Metal Lover 10. A-Yo 11. Do What U Want ---------------------- 12. The Cure 13. Million Reasons 14. Angel Down 15. The Edge Of Glory ----------------------- 16. Bad Romance 17. Dance In The Dark 18. Diamond Heart ------------------------ (this interlude most likely the Appl
  11. 1. A-Yo 2. Poker Face 3. Bad Romance 4. Born This Way 5. Alejandro 6. Just Dance 7. The Edge Of Glory 8. Angel Down
  12. I'd keep it essentially the same but here is the perfect setlist she could have, for the same 2 hours on stage: Formation Sorry Bow Down/Tom Ford Run The World Superpower - Interlude Mine Baby Boy Hold Up Countdown Runnin' Pray You Catch Me Forward - Interlude Don't Hurt Yourself Ring The Alarm Diva ***Flawless/Feeling Myself Yoncé Drunk In Love Rocket Partition 6 Inch Haunted Haunted - Interlude (Red Top Suite Remix) Daddy Lessons Love On Top
  13. Question for all of you who followed her past tours. does she change the setlist a lot between usa and europe legs usually? I bought tickets for Zurich mostly because she sings Mine, Runnin and All night (mostly but not only) and i am scared she would cut those for Europe. what's your opinion for those of you who know about her tours habits?
  14. I put Bitch Better Have My Money after Woo, 45Seconds after Never Ending and American Oxygen after Higher. I also integrated Goodnight Gotham after Yeah I said it.