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  1. YannG


    Cannot really vote. Like much of my Madonna’s favorite, it is a moody record and I haven’t paid much attention to it lately. I would say that it is def not milk, but one of those great wines that you appreciate from times to times when it is the right occasion
  2. Act I 1. ... Ready For It? 2. Cruel Summer 3. False God 4. Cornelia Street 5. Wildest Dreams 6. Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince 7. So It Goes... Act II 8. Look What You Made Me Do 9. I Knew You Were Trouble 10. I Did Something Bad 11. Bad Blood 12. This is Why We can’t Have Nice Things 13. All You Had to Do Was Stay 14. Don’t Blame Me Act III 15. Delicate 16. End Game 17. ME! 18. I Know Places 19. It’s Nice to Have a Friend 20. Shake It Off Act IV 21. Out of the Woods 22. Lover 23. The Archer 24. You Need To Calm Down
  3. YannG


    1. The greatest: everything is in the title, it’s the best of Lana. 2. Cinnamon Girl: the vocals, the lyrics mhhhhh love it 3. Mariners Apartment Complex: loved it from the first listen and does not grow old 4. The Next Best American Record: tricky as I replaced the album version with the much better “demo” one. But yeah just too good! 5. Fuck it I love You: wasn’t impressed on first listen but it becomes very addictive after a few listens. 6. California: i actually love the verses and the late part of the chorus. 7. Norman Fucking Rockwell: catchy and cute. Awesome album opener. 8. Doin’ Time: not much to say. Really good song but as it is not an “original” it did not deserve a higher spot. 9. Bartender: first listen was a “meh”but the melody and lyrics are actually so good i am stuck on this one now. 10. Venice Bitch: good but too long so I lose interest quickly. 11. How to Disappear: good one. I like it but somehow it seems to be the most moody on the record, hence, the spot at the bottom. Not always feeling in this mood. 12. Hope is a Dangerous thing...: Loved it from the beginning but as HTD, it really depends on the mood. 13. Love song: I get the hype for this song but damn i don’t like the chorus AT ALL. 14. Happiness is a butterfly: good song, but compared to the rest, less “major”. Overall, it is for me her best album. She has put so much effort in it and she very much owns her sound, more than on any of her previous and for me it is a solid 9.5/10!
  4. YannG


    What time is she performing?
  5. YannG


    Madonna: Lucky Star Like a Virgin: Like a Virgin True Blue: Live To Tell Like a Prayer: Like a Prayer Erotica: Waiting Bedtime Stories: Survival Ray of Light: Frozen Music: What it feels like for a Girl American Life: X-Static Process Confessions on a Dance Floor: Jump Hard Candy: 4 Minutes MDNA: Gang Bang Rebel Heart: Hold Tight Madame X: God Control
  6. YannG


    New stuff as old songs she never performed?
  7. Imo, the best selling music today does not mean quality. I mean, I am 26 and more into Madonna’s discography than any of the newer pop artists we have. In an ideal world, I would love Madonna to sell a lot (that being said she still took the #1 spot), but if she has to deliver quality over meaningless radio crafted song, than I choose the first option, which is what Madame X is for me. For instance, Killers is not a song meant for radio but goddamn the instrumental is good and the lyrics more pertinent than half of what we hear nowadays.
  8. YannG


    1. Secret - YannG 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.
  9. YannG


    Mh Inside of Me please hehe
  10. YannG


    Yeah. I am puzzled. I mean, everyone is entitled to her/his opinion. The fact that he does not like Madonna is fine. I do not like Carey and Katy Perry for instance. That being said, what puzzles me is 1. That he cannot even try to give an unbiased opinion about, what is obviously, a good record (critics wise minus personal preferences) and 2. That pitchfork, a published media, is acknowledging a review from a very vocal hater of Madonna. The entire thing seems very biased, once again, against her. Also besides this, pitchfork seems to operate like this all the time, which really makes me question their editorial line
  11. YannG


    I think I have never read a positive review for anyone coming from Pitchfork... They paid to hate
  12. YannG


    Medellin 7/10 So, I was really mixed about this song when it was released as the lead. I do not feel reggaeton music. That being said, it grew on me over time. It is cute and fun and adds flavor to this record. That being said, it is not a good opening number. Dark Ballet 7/10 I was really excited about this one. I remember the performance at Met Gala and thought “Yeah, catchy. Release it already”. The first half and last bit was what I expected it to be and I love it. The vocoder midway on this one is killing me though. The Tchaikovsky part is okay but unnecessary. The risk taken on this song made it a 7 instead of 6. God Control 10/10 I was not expecting this when I first heard it. We got to know about the theme of the song beforehand and it got me excited already as I am a strong advocate of gun control. In my opinion, this song belongs to the top 10 songs of her discography. The production is insanely good. The details are well thought of. The disco/choir ending is one of the most epic part I have heard in years. I immediately thought that this song could be a “Like a Prayer” kind of impact. Thank you Madonna for that gift to the world! Future 5/10 I am not a fan of this one. I do not like Quavo and again the autotune here is killing me. The trumpets are good though and the beat likeable. It grew on me in the context of the record but I would not be listening to it on it’s own. Batuka 9/10 At first, it was my favorite of the record. I love, love, love, love the African influence. I have always been a huge fan of music coming from the African continent. The beat is insane, the lyrics are good. A huge success. However, in the context of the full record, I miss this little something that brings it further. Killers Who Are Partying 10/10 Okay, the critics on this song are unfair, and remind me how “American Life” was received as well. I strongly believe that it is important for artists like Madonna to deliver strong messages as they have access to a great platform to do it. I believed so already during the American Life era. So when critics say that it’s a little on the edge for a rich white woman to talk about the less privileged one, I disagree. I think it is exactly how it should be. The fact that Madonna cares about gays, Africa, the poor, islam, Israel, woman, children and so on is very important. Otherwise, this world is doomed to fail if individuals cannot care about things that they take at heart, even if they are not directly part of it. Besides the lyrics, I am so passionate about the instrumental. Flawless song, very important song. Again, thank you Madonna for this gift to the world. Crave 9/10 The influence of Portugal got me at the first second. The guitar melody is hauntingly gorgeous. I love the instrumental of this song. I love her voice and it goes very well with Swae Lee’s one. The lyrics are also very touching and I personally relate to them. I think it’s one of her best “ballad”. Crazy 9/10 And again, insane instrumental. Love the mix of Portugal and current pop music. Love her voice on it. Love the lyrics. Come Alive 9/10 Very empowering song. The Indian influence and the choir is perfect to the ears. The lyrics very touching. On the first listen, I was stupidly smiling in the train, thinking how life can be beautiful. There’s nothing better than a song that makes you smile! Extreme Occident 7/10 A fan favorite that I have trouble to feel. I like it, especially the last part of the song. Great lyrics also. However, the melody is not talking to me. I guess I was expecting something different but it remains a strong song in Madonna’s catalogue and I think she should have included it in the regular tracklist. Faz Gostoso 10/10 It pains me to say it should have been the lead, because I am not a fan of the idea to release a cover as a single. That being said, dear lord this song is catchy. I love everything about it, period! Bitch I'm Loca 6/10 Nice song. Nice instrumental. Again, do not feel reggaeton but she adds Madonna in it so it’s fine. The spoken part at the end is very unnecessary. I Don't Search I Find 8/10 Grindr anthem of 2019. Very 90’s, very catchy. Somehow haunting instrumental. I think it fits perfectly in this record and I really like where she went with it. Wish it could have been more “eventful” Looking for Mercy 4/10 Well... Not much. Instrumental is good again. The song could have been great but her “Looking for Mercy” repetition really destroyed everything at a point where I decided to put it out of the record. In my opinion, worst song of this era. I Rise 9/10 I love the production. I love the message. I think it is Madonna in all her beauty. She could not have done better with this track. It finishes the record in the way it had to finish. Funana 10/10 The proof I like autotune from time to time. Such a cute, empowering, happy song. Made me smile and happy as “Come Alive”. The instrumental is again insanely good. I think she said that her record started with that song. Well, it should have been included in the tracklist. It fully belongs to Madame X. Ciao Bella 9/10 Aie, aie, aie... Beautiful experience. I love this sound. I love the singer. I love the mix of Africa and pop/dance music. Such a banger. I wish it would have more of Madonna in it BUT I love the fact she gave space to the artists and influences that inspired this record. Humble queen of pop. Review ends here. Back That Up belongs to the Rebel Heart era for me. I appreciate the new instrumental but it does not fit Madame X at all. Madame X : 8.11
  13. YannG


    1. Ray of Light 2. Madame X 3. Music 4. American Life 5. Like a Prayer 6. Confessions on a Dancefloor 7. Erotica 8. Bedtime Stories 9. Rebel Heart 10. True Blue 11. MDNA 12. Hard Candy 13. Madonna 14. Like a Virgin
  14. YannG


    Weeelllll... in my own deluxe edition 🙈 Not a big fan of how she repeats “looking for mercy” so many times
  15. YannG


    I changed it this way : 1. Dark Ballet 2. God Control 3. Ciao Bella 4. Future 5. Killers Who Are Partying 6. Extreme Occident 7. Batuka 8. Funana 9. Medellín 10. Crave 11. Crazy 12. Faz Gostoso 13. Bitch I’m Loca 14. I Don’t Search I Find 15. I Rise 16. Come Alive it flows really well thematically