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  1. I love this song. I am dumbfounded as to why Sony/Columbia would decide to omit this song from the original Music Box album release. I loved it from the first listen on the Rarities album and even more now hearing the extended version. Awesome song with amazing vocals! Is anyone else a fan of the song?
  2. IMHO, It's nice that Mattel is giving Mariah her recognition in the Matte/Barbie world. However, I agree with everyone in saying that it looks nothing like her. I follow a lamb on IG that created a doll that looks just like Mariah. Mattel should hire him to re-do this doll.
  3. I love this!! Thanks for posting! Vocals! Ive always said the Vocal Trinity is Whitney, Mariah & Celine!!
  4. I wish it was released already to hold us off until the new album comes out.
  5. So love this song and never knew there was an actual EP released back then.