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  1. she looks good but something about her eyes look different. more squinty. she's had so much work done
  2. this is cute but i doubt its selling more than 50 copies and that's being generous.
  3. "I'm sorry you feel upset" No responsibility at all. No wonder she's a flop.
  4. Madonna is not well and it seems people are scared to address it
  5. I can't watch the voice with Camila cabello that stupid bitch 


  6. long hair suites her better. but still a doll as always
  7. the fact that this has been going on for almost a decade is insane. kesha deserves the world
  8. homophobia is unfortunately still a relevant problem in a majority of the world and United States. it's a good start for normalizing gay movies, but I could see why it's unsuccessful in the box office. I've only seen the trailer, but at least with gay movies like Brokeback Mountain it has well known actors. I think that's another problem it just looks cheesy.
  9. it's just an incredible song. the production, lyrics, choruses, verses, just everything about the song. why didn't even touch the charts? cause she's old? I'm just confused.
  10. Kesha's song Cannibal was released in 2010 and later when viral on Tik Tok ten years later including the lyrics, "You'll be a goner. Yep, I'll pull a Jeffrey Dahmer." Katy Perry's 2013 features a verse from Juicy J with the lyrics being "She'll eat your heart out like Jeffrey Dahmer." Nicki Minaj featured in a song by Future back in 2018. She raps, "All his friends tryna kill it, eat J.A. Dahmer." Eminem rapped in his 2009 song "Must Be the Ganga", "I can be Daili Lama, and be calm or bring drama, a step beyond Jeffrey Dahmer." Personally, I think it's a little hypocritic
  11. you can't say you don't pop your pussy to ignition remix i'm sorry u can't. he peed on people and sexually assulted children its terrible but my god i like his music and that doesnt make me a bad person
  12. I believe justice was served, he is in prison now. But does that mean his art is completely wiped away? The man is extremely talented and grammy award winning. He shouldn't be celebrated, but his art is art which can not be destroyed.
  13. and no i don't want to listen to the christina aguileria version i'm sorry i don't