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  1. I'm a huge Mariah fan and Christmas music fan alike, but I've never gotten the love for this song. It's not that catchy to me, and I don't see what draws people to it year after year the way "Last Christmas" does, for example. I much prefer Kelly's "Underneath the Tree" from last year, which is sort of like a new version of Mariah's hit.
  2. It must be a terrible place to be in one's pop career to have two hit singles so damn massive and global that they obliterate the rest of your era.
  3. On first listen, my biggest complaint is that there's not at least a couple 'Begin Again'/'All Too Well'/'country' songs that tie back somewhat to her previous work. I've never been a big fan of albums like this where there's so many beats and bells and whistles that you become numb to it all way before the album finishes. I have a feeling I'll have a love-hate relationship with this album over its 2-3 year era, with many songs I love now growing old quickly and many I hate on first listen becoming faves when I 'rediscover' them down the road. Overall, It's a bit disappointing compared
  4. CARRIE UNDERWOOD IS PREGNANT! https://mobile.twitter.com/carrieunderwood/status/506551871457095680
  5. Everything's so dead right now. I mean look how boring music has been this year, we didn't even really get a true song of the summer. The movies sucked too. The VMAs were a good representation of how dead and lifeless everything is right now. It feels like those wilderness days right before Gaga came on the scene and blew everything up again...
  6. I see so much nostalgia online all the time. I wonder if it's just because most of the people who use social media/message boArds Are young 20-something's just beginning to notice the passage of time...?
  7. Already been 4 years since Teenage Dream was released. .gif' alt='oprah4'> 5 years since The Fame Monster was released. .gif' alt='oprah4'> EIGHT years since Taylor debuted. .gif' alt='oprah4'> 6 years since the dawn of YouTube and everyone posting their Single Ladies parodies. .gif' alt='oprah4'> 5 years since the VMA Paparazzi performance, 'Imma let you finish'... .gif' alt='oprah4'> Three years since Harry Potter movies ended, seven since the books. .gif' alt='oprah4'> None of these things feel that old in my mind yet... The times flying by quicker than ever
  8. She did her first interview for album 5 yesterday with the same guy from Rolling Stone who interviewed her for her last cover story when RED came out. .gif' alt='cry3'>.gif' alt='cry2'> http://jencita.tumblr.com/tagged/taylor-swift It's here gurls. Finally, it has arrived. .gif' alt='cry3'>
  9. July 21, 2007 Where does the time go? Still think the final battle reads like bad fan fiction. Still haven't decided if I really liked the last book or if my love for the series as a whole made me.
  10. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1rJqKb5DYjY She seems so happy and excited about it in this video.