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  1. What did you say to madame x she is probably crying with Maluma right now
  2. Most probably doing the minimum that the album deserved like all the singles on streaming and hd videos like we deserved
  3. Me when 100 years have passed and they caught me watching the erotica tapes on full finally on the asylum because someone forgot to leak it
  4. Fake fan alert he probably believes in the blood thing that celebrities use to get younger Madonna is literally controversial since default,let grandpa take his meds right
  5. God please let me be healthy and alive by the time this happens
  6. Very amazing track now it's time to convince Madonna to release demos officially
  7. Is it just me or the version of back that up to the beat on streaming seems like the baseline has been removed?They need to get their mastering game ready,this had happened with the frozen remix,the bass sounds dead.Im starting to think the rumor of them using a YouTube upload to get the audio is real
  8. I mean would not be confused if that last pic of her in the studio is for a album full of alternate versions of her songs, SoundCloud rappers with no talent,my fake "Like A Sinner" album is becoming real each second probably,and worse her autotuning each vocal and doing a fake accent in all her songs,and her making songs style "Holy Water" from Rebel Heart
  9. 1.I'm addicted 2.B**** I'm Loca 3.Come Alive 4.Rebel heart 5.Beautiful Scars