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  1. Ride, shine, clock said pussy time Bust my pussy nut while I'm fingering your butt Do I suck dick? You ain't seen shit Throw a C-note, watch you slide down my throat Yeah, my pussy fine, I pop it 'cause it's mine I don't give a fuck if they call me a slut What I do with a dick, elect me presidick Put tears in his eyes when I milk a brother dry is pure genius wdym
  2. Lanaboards a hot fucking mess and idk what forum to migrate to now

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    2. Madonna


      Oh hello fellow LanaBoards relics. We have a private D I S C O R D that is not entirely affiliated with this forum. PM me if you would like to join that as well. :) Other than that, it's nice to have a few more Lana Stans here again. Her fanbase used to be really big on here but many of them left.

    3. maltese falcon

      maltese falcon

      omg jesus you're everywhere @Chrisdead7

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      @maltese falcon I am the one who lurks within shadows aura1