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    When will she give us LG6? I am so tired
  2. phoenixstar

    I am so sorry lmao and idk where to start!
  3. phoenixstar

    i- totally forgot about this
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  5. phoenixstar

    Ah okay! Thanks!
  6. phoenixstar

    @Bleachella Hello, I would like to sign up my artist to UMG, if that is okay?
  7. phoenixstar

    I am doing that! Thank you so much for letting me know that! One more thing I wanna ask is that let's say I have an article ready and I want to post that article in twitter in form of link, is it possible to do that?
  8. phoenixstar

    I am almost nervous that I might fuck it up
  9. phoenixstar

    Ah Thank you so much!
  10. phoenixstar

    I accidentally made a post on that one I just got it after seeing some posts earlier. The article making has to be original or it can be just copy paste?
  11. phoenixstar

    How do I have access to Twitter handle?
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    1. Star Label 2. MAMAMOO 3. 4. We have done the impossible which is to find the singer, in fact 4 singers, whose vocal can compliment and harmonize each other. We are proudly to present MAMAMOO, the vocal group, who will be distancing themselves from being just an idol, they want to be seen as an ARTIST who constantly evolve with their music and breaking the boundaries. We have just planned to release a promotional single, "Hello" to warm them among the general public with their their four warm, dazzling personalities. We will be planning to reveal their first single soon. It will be their first time going into the music world and we hope you welcome them with love.