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  1. cookiemonster


    1. The Fame Monster (standard) 2. Born This Way (standard) ICONIC 3. The Fame 4. Joanne 5. The Fame Monster (deluxe) 6. Artpop 7. Cheek to Cheek (deluxe) 8. Born This Way (deluxe)
  2. cookiemonster


    1. Invitation 2. Make Me... 3. Do You Wanna Come Over? 4. Man On The Moon 5. Just Luv Me 6. Slumber Party 7. Liar 8. Hard To Forget Ya 9. Love Me Down 10. Change Your Mind 11. If I'm Dancing 12. Coupure Electrique 13. Private Show 14. Clumsy 15. Just Like Me 16. Better 17. What You Need sounds fresh af like this
  3. cookiemonster

    Circus 1. Circus 2. Womanizer 3. Unusual You 4. Phonography 5. If You Seek Amy 6. Out From Under 7. Quicksand 8. Blur 9. Lace and Leather 10. Mannequin 11. Rock Me In 12. Shattered Glass 13. Amnesia 14. My Baby
  4. cookiemonster

    1. Break The Ice 2. Gimme More 3. Piece Of Me 4. Freakshow 5. Radar 6. Get Naked (I Got A Plan) 7. Heaven On Earth 8. Ooh Ooh Baby 9. Hot As Ice 10. Perfect Lover 11. Toy Soldier 12. Why Should I Be Sad 13. Get Back
  5. cookiemonster

    Work, Kiss It Better, Needed Me, Close To You, Love On The Brain, Desperado
  6. cookiemonster

  7. cookiemonster

    Intro/Iconic Holy Water/Vogue Like a Virgin Ghosttown (that one performance was epic enough imo) Bitch I'm Madonna
  8. cookiemonster

    I loved everything about RH when it first came out and I still love it just as much now. I've grown a new appreciation for Love Don't Live Here Anymore tho. I always thought it was one of her worst songs but seeing it come to life has changed my mind. And I still think Candy Shop goes hard. The way they remixed it slays
  9. cookiemonster

    That was some powerful sh*t
  10. I'm so proud of this bitch. She's killing it.
  11. cookiemonster

    the Like a Virgin performance is killing me. She looks so hot during it. And I was surprised how good La Isla Bonita is. The whole concept of this show is on another level. It's literally her heart and soul and her journey as an entertainer and spiritual leader.
  12. cookiemonster

    That tour book !!!!!! Hooolllllllyyyyyyyy
  13. cookiemonster

    Chiiiiillllsss!! That sounded so good!!!
  14. cookiemonster

    WTG: True Blue/Papa Don't Preach BA: Dick Tracy section GS: Studio 54 DWT: Country RI: Scottish CT: Glam Punk S&S: Rave MDNA: Transgression