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  1. No one is forced or tricked to buy anything, so it's not a fraud. If someone wants to buy 50 different versions of the exact same album, I'd say it's smart move to offer them.
  2. It's a good album, but I don't understand its success... no lead single, not that much hype outside Taylor's own fanbase. Well, of course her fanbase it's nowadays larger, because she got lots of new fans with Folklore.
  3. Anti-Hero Question...? Vigilante Shit
  4. I wish there were more standouts. It's a good album, and on the other hand there are no skips, but there's not that many standouts either. When I listen the album, I like it and I think the songs are good, but afterwards I don't really remember most of the songs. Taylor's albums used to be very varied with different styles and productions, sometimes even too much, but now it's the opposite.
  5. I was born in November 1979. According to Wikipedia, in 1979 Madonna became romantically involved with musician Dan Gilroy. Shortly after meeting him, she successfully auditioned to perform in Paris with French disco artist Patrick Hernandez as his backup singer and dancer. During her three months with Hernandez's troupe, she also traveled to Tunisia before returning to New York in August 1979. Madonna moved into an abandoned synagogue where Gilroy lived and rehearsed in Corona, Queens. Together they formed her first band, the Breakfast Club, for which Madonna sang and played drums and guitar.
  6. Do you consider Midnights a concept album or a "normal" album?
  7. tbh, I'm most interested in her debut album re-recording. That album needs some improved vocals and the difference in her vocals must be pretty significant.
  8. I think it will be different than Folklore and Evermore. Not quite mainstream pop though. Maybe indie pop with 60's vibes and Twin Peaks mood.
  9. Has there been any rumours for Ray Of Light 25th Anniversary? It would be a shame if there wasn't anything.
  10. It's available in Australian iTunes now, a bit disappointing but at least there's something new here and not just old remixes. 8 new tracks are not "new" though... 2 live (Butterfly, My All), 2 acapellas (Fourth of July, Outside), The Roof (Brandy duet version), Whenever You Call (Brian McKnight duet version), 2 *NEW* remixes (Butterfly, Honey).
  11. I think Rebel Heart album would have required more work. Some songs deserved better production and more finishing. Material was better than the album, it needed a stronger artistic vision... it was a bit mess. However, I still like it a lot.
  12. Of course ATW should be the lead single, it's fan favorite and it's also great choice for her new Folklore fans.
  13. I thought she was planning to release re-recorded albums more frequently, didn't she say that in some interview? Maybe I have misunderstood. If she has changed her original plan, it would be interesting to know why, and what they are planning now.
  14. Daydream Mariah Carey Butterfly Music Box Emotions Rainbow
  15. I have to listen more, but at first listen I'm not a big fan of this album. I think her new more down to earth image is a very good and necessary change, and I think this new music style is good as well. However, those songs aren't as good as I'd expect from her... they're just too average.
  16. I'm not a big fan of this album. There are some songs that I like, but overall it's just not for my taste. I guess "American Oxygen" stays as my favorite from this era, although it's not included to the album.
  17. I love the S&S version!!! It's so chillingly flamboyant. That version should be in the dictionary describing "epic".
  18. It's really good video, and it made me like the song more than before.
  19. She's so boring and predictable nowadays.
  20. Not in order: Madonna - Ray Of Light Janet - Velvet Rope Gloria Estefan - Gloria! Kenny Chesney - When The Sun Goes Down Leona Lewis - Spirit Nickelback - All The Right Reasons Michael Jackson - History Mariah Carey - Daydream Roxette - Crash! Boom! Bang! Ace Of Base - The Bridge
  21. She looks good, but that's the only good thing about the video. Horribly outdated, really awkward product placement...
  22. I think the 'Beyonce' concept just isn't something Mariah would do. She's definitely not a visual artist and she's not big enough to release a surprise album like Beyonce did. Maybe she's talking about a song and its music video, not the whole album project? If that's the case, I predict it's "I Luh Ya Papi" - the song and the video are something Mariah could do.
  23. It's epic! However, there's so much content and ideas that it's a shame it's not longer. It's weird that they didn't make it longer than that, extended version of the song with Kendrick's rap & all Taylor's vocals from album version could have easily made it to 6-8 minutes. Usually I'm not fan of long music videos, but in this case the video screams for it.
  24. I haven't followed what's going on with her... is there a new album coming and this is the lead single or is this some random song?
  25. I think Madonna's Unapologetic Bitch would be a great choice for a duet with Rihanna, maybe Madonna's next single?