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  1. A midtempo remix of "The One That Got Away" would be pretty good.
  2. Do you guys think that she should release another single from the album and see if it goes #1, or play it safe and continue the #1 streak later with brand new single from her third album (which almost certainly goes to #1)?
  3. Too bad she won't do promo. Few performances would help a lot.
  4. I like the Missy Elliott version, but I would have preferred a proper remix, not just album version with additional rap sections.
  5. How big is the gap to Party Rock Anthem? I'm really hoping for #1! If the rumored "TOTGA" with Bruno Mars is happening, that will be the sixth #1 for sure.
  6. It was flat and boring. I kinda liked the 'toned down' idea, but it didn't work in this case. The video would have been pretty good, if it was shot on real locations around NY or if there was more people in the video doing something. Only Gaga + fake studio set = fail.
  7. I want to get that remix, which is played on the video!
  8. I really like this song, so much better than Judas. I love that her vocals are so in the front and clear. The song itself is very good too, melodies are beautiful and there isn't too much production trickery.
  9. temes

    I Miss Old Gaga

    Oh, I understand now. And what you said is true. Personally I don't like when some fans are so obsessive that they don't allow any negative comments. I still remember Mariah Carey's message boards in the 90's, where people attacked to anyone who said anything negative - "OMG, you said you don't like that song, you're not A FAN, this is messageboard for FANS".
  10. temes

    I Miss Old Gaga

    A fan = blindly follows artist and likes absolutely everything artist does and never shows any criticism?
  11. temes

    I Miss Old Gaga

    I miss the old Gaga too. I don't hate this 'new' Gaga, but I'm just not feeling it. If this was Gaga's debut era, I probably wouldn't become a fan. I like 'Born This Way' song quite much, but I haven't listened 'Judas' that much - I think the chanting and repeating lyrics is quite annoying in it. I don't like her new pictures and style, I don't like BTW video, I absolutely HATE the album cover (the worst cover I've seen since... I don't remember). It seems that she's probably more herself now than she was before, which is of course good for her, but if this is real Gaga, I'm not feeling it
  12. I think a flop era is good for every artist, because it makes them try harder next time and makes them understand that people will not support everything. Beyonce have had lots of easy success and lots of awards without any major drawbacks, a major flop will do her only good in a longer run.
  13. Yeah, and partly written by The-Dream, who was one of the writers/producers on every track on 'Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel'.
  14. Am I the only one who's not that hugely impressed by Judas? I think it's just okay... the chorus is the weakest part, and while I loved 'ra-ra-rah-rah-raa' in Bad Romance, I'm mostly annoyed by 'Judas-Juda-ah-ah' and the chanting. I like the RedOne production and verses, but overall I'm not a huge fan of the song.
  15. The more I look at it, the more I dislike it and think it's not real. If it's real, then I'm just... sad. The cover is just so ugly and cheap. You can be original, weird and rough but at the same time look visually appealing. I don't want to start Madonna VS Lady Gaga wars, but for example Madonna has made photoshoots with Tom Munro and Steve Klein which are weird and rough, but she has always looked at least somewhat appealing, and even while those photoshoots have been unusual, they have had high fashion quality in them. 'Born This Way' cover doesn't have any high fashion style at all, it's
  16. I think the idea is okay, but they could have put a lot more effort to it. Now it's a motorcycle photoshopped with Gaga's face and hands... and it looks cheap and tacky. They could have made a proper Gaga/motorcycle hybrid, with Gaga's body and legs too (for example those exhaust pipes could have been legs).