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  1. Yeah, MDNA definitely had more "Madonna sound" than Hard Candy. I think I like the best songs on MDNA more than the best songs on HC, but overall HC is a better as an album... but neither of them is that good.
  2. Overall I don't like it, it's her weakest album. There are some ok songs though, so it's not a complete disaster...
  3. The international tracklist is awesome dance/pop/latin album and I can't wait for it, but the US tracklist sucks big time.
  4. Well, obviously Madonna isn't going to do something that her fans want most (no more dance), so there's no point to expect that anymore. It's probably going to be another MDNA, mostly dance tracks with some ballads. However, hopefully the songs will be great this time, she really needs to put some effort to songwriting and especially lyrics. I'm slightly optimistic about her working with Avicii. Avicii has some versatility, and I like how he combines different styles and takes influences from different genres. Martin Solveig tracks on MDNA were shit, so hopefully she stays away from h
  5. I think Taylor is very clever and she has lots of interest to the music business, and she follows what's "in" right now. So... I think her next album will have some flavors of R&B, in a similar subtle way as IKYWT had a some flavors of dubstep.
  6. Mariah had so many awesome live performances in the 90's, but this is the one which really slayed me, because it's so much better than the original album version: I don't know how "live" this is, it's the Abbey Road version of one of my favorite songs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FO6a-qqHM5I And this is so stunning performance, that it's unreal (I love the additional whistle note in the end, which isn't in the original version):
  7. Bedtime Stories 2.0 with some influences from Erotica 2.0, please... and the first single written with Patrick Leonard.
  8. Sounds really good. It's definitely more modern and current than the usual Kylie stuff.
  9. I think she lives in a bubble. Probably everyone she works with keeps telling her how amazing every song and every vocal is, and nobody dares to criticise her. Even her fans comment every new song using "another #1 for sure" phrase, even though she haven't had #1 since "Touch My Body" in 2008. She has so much money that she doesn't have to think about her commercial success, and maybe her record company isn't pushing her either.
  10. Production is great, but the song itself isn't that memorable. Some kick-ass song with that kind of production would be awesome.
  11. I like the whole performance! I really appreciate that this time Madonna was more toned down, because the message was the most important point in that performance, not Madonna. She was as subtle as she can be, and didn't steal the spotlight from the couples or from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Vocals were good, I'm not a big fan of that slow version, but it fitted really well to the whole performance.
  12. I love ballads from the 90's and there's too many to choose from, but I think that "Forever Love" by Gary Barlow has been one of my favorites since it was released. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iA8huEmBjK0
  13. I like her, but I think without songwriting with Mutt Lange it's hard for her to get big success.
  14. Telephone. And the original version of DWUW featuring R. Kelly is better anyway.
  15. That has been her problem since... I don't know, since she began touring again in 2000's? She puts her energy and creativity to the tour, and especially with MDNA it felt like she just had to release an some new material so she can tour.
  16. New material would be the best choice of course, but an album with new versions of her old songs sounds good as well. I really love some of her tour versions, so there's definitely lots of potential in re-inventing her old songs.
  17. I don't understand this, how is this different than Dana International, who has participated to the competition twice?
  18. I thought I'll never say this, but this time I hope it's less dance and more groove/pop/ballad style.
  19. Best: Intervention & Nothing Fails Worst: I'm So Stupid
  20. Exactly, I agree! I think too perfect sixpack models with zero body fat are boring.
  21. Young enough for long career? What Simon knows about long career? Most of his artists have been one hit wonders, and have been dropped after one or two albums. Nowadays winning the contest doesn't matter that much anyway, years ago it guaranteed at least some success and one or two #1 hits, but nowadays it doesn't guarantee anything and many winners struggle to get success after the competition.
  22. There are various smaller reasons, but I think the biggest reason is very simple: the ARTPOP songs just aren't good enough, and I doubt the upcoming singles will make the situation better. I'm not saying that the songs are bad, I'm just saying that I don't think any song on ARTPOP has huge hit single potential.
  23. It's boring song, and while her vocals are good, they don't give me any wow factor.
  24. I'm not feeling it, right now I like DWYW better.
  25. I'm slightly disappointed. It's good album, but I expected more from Katy. I like those songs more which are probably not meant to be singles, but the songs which probably will be singles could have been better.