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  1. Gilly here

    cardis best feature iggy1 talk about it BITCH iggy1 


  2. Gilly


    daddy PLEEASE if this is your last album, I cant imagine a world without u
  3. his 3rd album dropping tomorrow at MIDNIGHT
  4. that Bieber payola machine is in FULL FORCE from the recent collabs with Ariana and Shawn Mendes, to the forced church boy image, and now to this... give it up scooter, his time as the main pop boy is DONE the fact that his album was PANNED and underperformed, but yet snatched noms over Abel, who had the biggest album of thee year AND it was critically acclaimed.
  5. you didnt get it because your debut album was critically panned TRASH. Stay bitter and PANNED
  6. how the FUCK didnt blinding lights get a nom? i cant comprehend
  7. Gilly here

    abel 0 nominations? i- literal mental illness dead1 

  8. WAIT at the weeknd snubs im shocked yummy is disgusting
  9. i mean.... there’s no way jlo didnt know what she was doing sure, bey didnt invent that style of performing... but comon sis, she just did the exact same thing literally a couple of years ago she looked so good, though...ill give her that
  10. and not only that... but these award shows just arent the same without an audience
  11. i mean, say what you want, but this was a long time coming. She will snatch the middle age woman market while selena and kylie fight for the kids
  12. Gilly here

    my phag heart cant process all the FOOD we received this week oprah15