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  1. Gilly


    no. It will be Fun Tonight or Free Woman
  2. Gilly

    for starters, she contributed her song that she cowrote - which is the music video’s foundation as for the specifics.. who knows? i wasnt on set, just like you werent on any of your favs sets. Do you think your fav came/comes up with all of her music video concepts? The only reason you know 911 was an idea from the director is because Gaga told you. Otherwise, this wouldve been like any other music video released by any other artist - a collaboration between multiple professionals. The mental gymnastics of it all...
  3. Gilly

    omg her music video director had a great.... direction... really? its his job, profession, and what he was hired to do so what if he shared an idea? that doesnt mean gaga had no input unless your crusty ass fav has ever directed and produced a top tier video all by herself (which im sure she has not) , stfu
  4. Gilly

    Music Video

    i think the chromatica 3 interlude being played in the last scene is meant to compliment and elevate the bizarreness of it all
  5. Gilly

    the explanation i needed. thank you for this king
  6. Gilly

    fossils being pretentious? color me surprised
  7. Gilly

    Music Video

    it makes perfect sense let me readd my gaga award
  8. Gilly

    Music Video

    Chromatica is the place we all go to in our minds to escape trauma ugh her MIND
  9. Gilly

    Music Video

    “reality and dreams can interconnect to form heroes within us” THATS IT IT CLICKED
  10. Gilly

    its her best video in a WHILE. Its so TFM ga but still so different from anything shes done before omg
  11. Gilly

    Music Video

    @harry what is your interpretation of the video?
  12. Gilly

    Music Video

    explain more sis to me its like a parallel universe she’s sent to after being in an accident. All the people around her (in the real world) are in her dream while unconscious (the nurse, cop, guy banging his head in the pillow who was in the crash, etc.) What does this all mean? I still dont know. Let me watch it again i LOVE it tho omg
  13. Gilly

    Music Video

    this. I need to watch it again to figure this out. I havent said that about a Gaga video in literal years
  14. Gilly

    Music Video

    ok im kinda slayed its so bizarre but it fits the song im just so glad shes back to using professional video director/cameras