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  1. shallow, bad romance, pokerface and born this way will be her signature hits
  2. im not a huge fan of the song but the visuals are A+
  3. this will never be topped oprah15 


  4. @Gabe. i switched like a sissy on this, im obsessed now
  5. omg im kinda obsessed and im not even a huge lorde fan its so good to me
  6. oh wow i like it on first listen
  7. I hope youre happy but not like you were with me


  8. its kind of a bop but its not really catchy or innovative. It lacks a strong hook like Dakiti but its still cute for a droplet
  9. oh WOW the way she wrote enough for you by herself the way this HIT home for me the way i lose my shit at “cause someday ill be everything to somebody else, and theyll think im so exciting”
  10. the only song im not feeling is brutal everything else is a MOOD
  11. omfg this album has grown on me so MUCH its a lot of slow songs, so I had to be in the mood to fully digest it AND also listen to the lyrics HAPPIER AND ENOUGH FOR YOU ARE MY FAVORITE ALBUM TRACKS SO FAR im WRECK