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  1. no sis, the song is just good. People here underestimate the power of a good, quality song. Shallow was that girl and it clicked with people. There's MANY big movies (that revolve around music) that don't produce successful singles ala Shallow.
  2. Gilly

    Music Video

    ok the song is growing on me
  3. omg they ATE. The song is a BOP
  4. this is a bop but i cant recognize normani in the chorus. i was like who the fuck is this? it sounds nothing like her megan ATE
  5. she looks smoking hot in the video but the song is idk maybe it will grow on me. it's like all over the place
  6. Gilly


    Ring is on repeat.. hope it's the next single. Rare (song) is cute but it doesn't sound like a hit to me.
  7. Gilly


    thats what gets me the most pressed... like bad liar and fetish shit on everything on this album anyway, ring is my fav so far? idk.. i dont like HATE the album, but it's not hitting me yet. All the songs sounds like they are missing something and the chorus/melodies are uninspired. Hope its a grower
  8. Gilly


    listening kinda disappointed so far ngl ugh
  9. what season are they on rn? havent cared since hotel (and that was horrible)
  10. yes.. its so long, unnecessary, and tacky the film looks good tho
  11. that title is so ugly ngl it kinda turned me off the film we’ll see
  12. people are saying that it was hit by an air missile?
  13. your type emotion la hallucinations
  14. Gilly


    u cant tell shit from that but anyways, i hope she serves another money. Cardi needs another club BANGER asap or shes gonna be in trouble
  15. Gilly


    vete is amazing too, but callaita is just a little better the outro alone he better include both in his next album
  16. Gilly here

    Been getting back into Lana’s first 2 albums and they’ve aged like fine WINE cry7 A shame I was never able to get into any of the albums after Ultraviolence cry3 but to be fair, I havent even heard NFR and LFL in full (bar like 2-3 songs) rip2 

    1. Jake

      NFR is truly a masterpiece. I recommend anyone to listen to that tbh

    2. Joanne

      Honeymoon is a masterpiece don’t lie

    3. Gilly

      omg i just gave Cinnamon Girl a try for heck of it and im- rip2 the born to die vibes are INSANE rip2 let me fucking listen rip2 i hope everything sounds like cinnamon girl cause i- rip2 

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  17. Gilly


    hes the hottest male artist out there at the moment. so my type... the way he makes my juices flow
  18. Gilly


    YASSS x100pre is literally one of the best albums of the decade and his latest droplets have been SO FUCKING GOOD callaita is probably my favorite latin song EVER i was trying to get an award last year but literally no one supported whos down to support?
  19. Gilly

    he looks so hot in the cold water performance
  20. Gilly


    she may not have a "good" live voice, but her tone is pleasant, she sounds good in the studio, and most importantly - she delivers quality pop music. Revival is one of the best pop albums of the last decade (dont @ me). Plus, it's not like she's always THAT bad live... most of her performances are either good or okay; this AMA performance is probably the first horrifying performance ive ever seen from her. It sucks that we probably won't be getting any new performances from her anytime soon tho poor girl is probably still in shock from the AMAs... ugh. Anyway, I'm so excited for the album. It's been 84 years
  21. Gilly


    as a huge charmed stan, this is so off putting. she's a CLOWN let me exit
  22. omg sis same i cant get it out of my head now