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    im sick and tired of artists waiting a whole verse + chorus to get to the fucking REAL chorus/instrumental. Katy did it with bon appetite, Zara did it with Love Me Land... like why not just do it straight off the bat? If you want a build up, maybe do like 30 seconds max.. but almost 2 fucking minutes? bye
  2. Gilly


    its the best song on the album and anyone who disagrees lacks taste and ears
  3. imagine using itunes as a receipt in 2020. fossils out of touch with the times and scrapping the bottom of the barrel yet again
  4. Gilly


    1. Fun Tonight 2. Free Woman 3. 911 4. Sour Candy 5. Alice 6. Rain On Me 7. Sine From Above 8. Plastic Doll 9. Replay 10. Stupid Love 11. Enigma 12. 1000 Doves 13. Babylon as far as album rankings go, this is her worst album yet, but its still cute. Joanne has a lot of duds, but the highs shit on Chromatica.
  5. Gilly

    this. The fossils in here crying and screaming “its not fair!!!!” as if their dusty ass favs would be slaying if tIK ToK and streaming were out of the equation.
  6. Gilly

    Celeb News

    the hype would be over. She needs to drop it sooner than later, maybe after Levitating remix peaks because after that song, there a no hits left on FN. She needs something in the fall.
  7. Gilly

    Celeb News

    drop it now BITCH
  8. Gilly

    no one cares that drake banners annoy you and it is, in fact, irrelevant to the topic at hand but ok
  9. Gilly

    why would i think that tik tok streams count toward streaming points? i literally said “buy your favs music more or start a tik tok challenge and maybe, just MAYBE, people will care enough to stream them.” Literally worms
  10. Gilly

    who cares if it annoys you? that literally has nothing to do with the topic and the hot 100 is necessary because it measures the most popular songs OVERALL (key word: overall) in a single week. You cant have a chart that accurately measures the overall performance of songs without all the modes of consumptions included (youtube, spotify, sales etc). If it bothers you that much, ignore it and focus on the segregated sales/stream charts.. like I dont get the problem
  11. Gilly

    OK boomer, look below: Literally clueless.
  12. Gilly

    Sales are (way) more heavily weighed than streams. I think that 1000 streams is = 1 sale, but dont quote me on that
  13. Gilly

    you do know theres already a separate chart for streaming and sales, right? If you are referring to splitting the hot 100/bb200 into 2, then no, that will never happen because AGAIN, that literally defeats the purpose of the chart whats not clicking as to your other points - I already addressed them in the post you quoted. Playlisting/Banners does not guarantee streams. If that was the case, any artist would be able to top and smash the charts. As for Drake, he’s heavily play listed and promoted because he’s literally the biggest artist of the last 10 years and even if he wasnt, he would STILL demolish the charts. You clearly arent in touch with the times if you think that the reason Drake gets so many streams is because of banners and playlisting
  14. Gilly

    Of course a fossil wouldnt understand the significance of streaming Literally clueless.
  15. Gilly

    separating the charts would defeat the purpose of the charts the hot 100/bb 200 and what not are suppose to measure the most popular songs/albums in the country for a given week... if you separate the charts, that concept ceases to exist. Billboard has figured out a formula using real data to weight out the stream/sales point ratio. There’s no reason to believe that this point system is skewed... It’s not like they just made it out of thin air. Also, we already have charts that seperate streaming/sales. There’s no need to segregate the others. Also, radio is nothing like streaming. People willingly go out of their way to stream music, while with radio, the same thing doesn't happen. Sure, songs can be heavy play-listed on streaming services, but that doesnt guarantee streams (and theres countless of examples that prove this). Radio, on the other hand, can easily artificially inflate a songs popularity and hijack the charts (via tactics like radio deals and payola). There’s a reason so many “big radio hits” have mediocre streams/sales. Streaming has given artists the ability to bypass the radio machine and let the public decide what is actually the most popular.
  16. I mean.. there is a vaccine - multiple, actually - but it’s still in the trial/testing stages. So IDK why Madonna is acting like it’s being hidden when it’s literally right there
  17. Gilly

    yes. Like..charts are suppose to represent what the masses are consuming, and if that means a top 10 full of rap/trap songs that gets the phags fuming and reminiscing on when their hasbeen fav used to rule the charts in 1989, then so be it stream/buy your favs music more or start a tik tok challenge and maybe, just MAYBE, people will care enough to stream them. If not, thats their problem. Adapt or get left behind.
  18. Gilly


    natural fragrance is just as bad and problematic as synthetic fragrance. The whole “natural fragrance” is a gimmick used by the skin care industry, unfortunately. Witch Hazel is not the devil if you have really oily skin, it’s just too drying for my taste. I use tretinoin, so I have to be extra careful about the products I use (makes my skin extra sensitive.) I cant do fragrance, so hopefully she comes out with fragrance free products some day
  19. Gilly


    wow.. what a disappointment. All the products have fragrance and the toner has witch hazel. Ill pass
  20. i use fun tonight and free woman only
  21. yall phags can STAY fuming this is coming to slay