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  1. Gilly

    cumsha is gonna flop hard with that ugly ass song
  2. honestly the chorus ruins it. it had potential tho... maybe it will grow on me but the fact that this is launching her new era... bad liar and good for you sweeties im SO sorry
  3. ugh pero why shes over im mad why is this the lead? FLOP we arent getting the album till 2025
  4. the fact that her dumb ass had the audacity to shade other women for being with poor guys with multiple baby mommas but yet ended up marrying a whole ass convicted rapist/murderer with 5 baby mothers she picked up at her local turkey drive. A clown
  5. rihanna. no one but middle aged european white gays know who kylie minogue is
  6. Gilly here

    ok samantha kinda snapped with this



    1. Chris Morlock

      I hope their new album is better than the last two kesha5

  7. Gilly


    omfg a cardi collab ?
  8. damn, she's fine FINE runaway queen
  9. what is the UK media doing? i havent been keeping up
  10. Gilly here



    1. Gravity

      A bop for the thots iggy1

    2. Entea

      Classico iggy1

    3. Gilly

      solio solito en la habitacion iggy1 

  11. Gilly here

    literally me all October


    1. Gilly

      @Habits its the best album of the year cry0 

    2. Habits

      @gilly yes giveup1I even stream it at work in the storage room a lot giveup1

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  12. Gilly here

    i cry2 


  13. Gilly here

    turned my heart into a GLACIER cry2 

  14. Gilly

    That madonna album is a piece of garbage
  15. Gilly here

    whew LORD rip2 the latina EXCELLENCE 


    1. Gravity

      The song is fire....but the video is so awkward since she visibly can't dance whew lmfao2

    2. Gilly

      i get what you mean rip2  but i dont think it was that bad rip2 there's some cute moves ny1