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  1. the universe works in mysterious way. R9 is coming
  2. Gilly

    2009-2011 for gaga
  3. Gilly


    omg i never thot it would be so huge
  4. 10 years and we still havent learned, have we?
  5. not them trying to recreate the moment that was sucker over them
  6. Gilly here

    this BOP 😩


    1. Chris Morlock

      I remember being 13ish at Best Buy going through all the open laptops and computers and playing that song on all of them at once and leaving. 

    2. Sharpay Evans

      Is this Just Dance juicy1

  7. Gilly here

    Elizabeth Warren is a fucking snake. She’s CANCELLED ny12 

  8. Gilly

    bon apettit was and is a bop; i still wish that they used the explosive chorus throughout the song
  9. mom brother cousin nephew niece so 5
  10. Gilly

    i havent even finished it cause i was turned off by the first half i only love rare, ring, and lose you to love me
  11. Gilly here

    white america is NOT ready for this at the superbowl cry3 


  12. im honestly shocked but i also didnt know that she was 6’2 anyways, congrats to her. Queen